Plot: The Killer Barbies are a punk band with a horror slant, fronted by the beautiful Silvia Superstar. The music is frantic and the lyrics speak of love, as well as murder and other not so romantic concepts. After a wild live performance, the band heads to yet another stop on the tour, but winds up at an old, spooky estate. A broken down van puts them at the mercy of the residents, who open the creepy house to the stranded guests, but the musicians quickly pick up on strange vibes. As it turns out, the estate is home to a Countess (Mariangela Giordano) who is over one hundred years old, but manages to look deacdes younger than she is. This is because she feeds on the blood of youthful victims, soaking in their essence to maintain her appearance. A hobo and his midget children work as the procurers of the victims and now, the countess seeks to feast upon the Killer Barbies! Can the band uncover the truth in time to keep on rockin’, or will they be the next meal for the vampiric countess?

Entertainment Value: This is like an episode of Scooby-Doo on acid, directed by Jess Franco and featuring real life punk band The Killer Barbies. A broken down van, a thirsty vampire, and young, nubile potential victims, the premise might not be all that original, but the movie is a lot of fun. This is a horror movie, but it maintains a sense of humor as well, despite some darker moments. So don’t expected to be scared, but you can expect to be entertained, as this one has ample wild moments and never drags in the least. Franco crafts this like a tribute to the old school creepy house movies, with thick atmosphere and a lot of conventional, but still effective tropes. This is why I say it is like a Scooby-Doo episode, as it plays on elements we know well, but then throws this offbeat punk band into the mix. The performances are passable, with Silvia Superstar being a bright spot and Mariangela Giordando is fun to watch, as always. I also liked the horny bandmates, hobo with a scythe, and of course, the ear collecting midgets. So as you can tell, this one is quite an off the wall experience. If you’re a fan of Franco or quirky Eurohorror, you should check out Killer Barbys.

This one has frequent nudity, with numerous topless scenes and ample bush, plus some male genitals to keep things fair and balanced. One memorable scenes involve the mostly naked countess writhing all over the blood soaked, nude corpse of a band member, in a long, strange sequence. On the blood side, this one has a good deal of the crimson and some fun kills. The hobo lops off a woman’s head in one swing with a giant scythe, then hangs her decapitated, naked corpse up to be bled. We also have a crossbow bolt through the skull, the post coitus blood writhing I mentioned before, and death by steamroller, as well as other instances of blood and grue. The dialogue is humorous at times and has some quotable lines, including the midgets singing about techno over and over, as well as various odd lines probably caused by language barriers. Most scenes have at least one odd or awkward line, so the dialogue here is quite fun. As for craziness, we have the scythe wielding hobo and his ear collecting midget children, colorful dialogue, rampant bloodshed, post sex blood writhing, steamroller assault, punk rock music about Marvel comics, a countess who takes her tits out at the dinner table, and of course, a naked man in the bathtub expressing his love for Mr. Bean.

Nudity: 7/10

Blood: 6/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

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