Plot: A serial killer on the loose is dangerous enough, but a pair of serial killers is even more deadly. That is the situation here, as two men stalk and slaughter their prey, but not before some rape and torture. When four friends decide to have a weekend out in the desert, they have no idea they will cross paths with these sadistic creeps. The girls just want to cut loose and have a wild time, away from their judgmental families and overly protective boyfriends, but fate has a darker experience in store. The fun kicks off well enough, with some laughs, swimming, and even some geology, but soon the killers show up and spoil the good times. As the women are hunted down, can any of them somehow find a way to escape or fight back? Or are they all doomed to be victims in the body count of these horrific murderers?

Entertainment Value: Victims remains a lower profile installment in the 80s horror lineup, but it is a fun, often brutal experience. The movie plays like a slasher, but also has strong doses of sleaze, so a kind of blend of slasher and rape/revenge. The story follows four young women into the desert, where they encounter two serial killers and try to survive the humiliation and violence. Make no mistake, Victims can seem mean spirited and harsh in how it treats the women, but it also makes a lot of observations that show it isn’t just misogynistic sleaze. A good amount of time is devoted to showing how the girls are treated based on their looks or sexual activities, as well as their general experiences as a woman, which gives things a real sense of perspective. The most powerful of these moments comes toward the conclusion, in an exchange that is outrageous and drives home a powerful point. After a wild first few scenes, the horror element cools off until the girls reach the desert, but its never dull in the meanwhile. I had a blast with the dialogue in this one, as the girls have some great lines and exchanges, not to mention the 80s lingo. Victims can be pretty dark at times, but it also has a sense of humor in some scenes. I think anyone with an interest in 80s horror or rape/revenge cinema should check out this one.

This one has a good amount of naked flesh, hell it throws full frontal at us within the first few minutes. A number of topless scenes, some bare ass, and a little full frontal, with some non graphic sex scenes. There is a lesbian scene where two girls are forced to have oral sex at gunpoint, in one of the film’s darker moments. In terms of blood, the movie has a good amount as the movie opens, with an ax to the dome and a slice up kill, but it slows down soon after. Once the girls vs. killers angle kicks off, things get rough, but there’s not much blood. An off screen dick removal happens, but we don’t see it or even see the aftermath. The dialogue in this is super fun toward the start, including a classic conversation between one woman and her mother about bra etiquette, which is a highlight for sure. The women are given the best lines and they make the most of them, super fun stuff. We also have plenty of chauvinism, not to mention sadistic tough talk guy later in the movie. This one is crazy in terms of the rough content, but doesn’t have much that veers outside the genre norms. Some of the early dialogue is offbeat enough to score a point, but that’s about it besides the harsh abuse.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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