Plot: Emma (Brittany Belland) is a beautiful young woman with a severe fear of clowns, which is bad news, as a supernatural, murderous clown is on the loose. His name is Ribcage and he preys on his victims in a most sadistic fashion, leaving red balloons marked with the exact date and time of his arrival. Even armed with this valuable information, the victims can’t seem to be prepared and survive, so Ribcage keeps racking up kills. Emma’s balloon alerted her that in two days, she’d be stalked by the clown, so she tries to do her best to avoid this grisly fate. But she finds it hard to focus on the task at hand, since the clown’s rampage hits close to home and there seems to be no way to dispatch the painted fiend. Can Emma uncover some weakness to exploit and end his reign of terror, or is she doomed to be part of the body count?

Entertainment Value: I do love the title of this one, as Clowntergeist has a lot of razzle dazzle, to be sure. The title is pretty accurate too, as the narrative revolves around a paranormal clown on a killing spree, leaving red balloons to taunt his victims and everyone else. Just based on the title, I was drawn to the movie and hoped for the best, but the end result doesn’t live up to that beautiful moniker. The movie has a sense of humor, but mostly plays things serious and to me, that might have been a crucial mistake in the process. I say this because the movie never feels scary or even eerie, though if you have a massive fear of clowns, that might be different. As it stands, the movie lacks any kind of atmosphere or tension, as it just throws out a few jump scares and expects that to be enough. The music is quite good, perhaps the highlight of the movie, but it can’t save this one in terms of horror elements. If the movie had embraced more of the potential craziness, perhaps this one could have been more fun. After all, the cast is loaded with obnoxious people you want to see offed in horrific ways, but the kills are tame and not too creative. I’ve seen much worse horror movies than Clowntergeist, but it offers little to entice even genre fans.

No nakedness. So if you wanted to see some young chicks and a clown hook up, you need to look elsewhere. There’s some minor blood, but not much and the effects are minimal and infrequent. Most of the violence happens off screen or we just see some splashes of blood or what not. I don’t need constant gore or anything, but in a movie about a killer clown, some bloodshed would have been nice. The dialogue shows some signs of life from time to time, as it does have some colorful characters involved. But overall, it is either too serious or just fails to give those quirky characters memorable lines. The annoying basic girls tend to have the best lines of the lot, but their lingo does come off as forced at times. So not a lot of home run lines or memorable exchanges. Even the clown himself is given almost no cool lines, which seems like a real shame. No real craziness, which is a real letdown, given how cool the title was. Even the clown seems like a run of the mill evil clown, no fun lines or interesting developments.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 0/10