Plot: Julia (Rosario Dawson) is a woman with a troubled past, but she has found a new love and seems poised to embark on a better life. She is soon to be the bride of David (Geoff Stults), a brewery owner who has been a wonderful boyfriend, but comes with some baggage of his own. In addition to a young daughter, he has an ex wife named Tessa (Katherine Heigl), a rich, polished woman that seems to be the polar opposite of Julia herself. As if the pressures of moving in with David and an impending wedding weren’t enough, the restraining order against her abusive ex just expired, so Julia is on edge. When Tessa learns David plans to marry Julia, she is livid as she still clings to the hope of reconciliation. If she is to reunite with David, she needs Julia out of the picture and her plan begins by stealing Julia’s phone. Soon Tessa has created a fake Facebook profile, contacted Julia’s ex, and unleashed a gaslight campaign against Julia, who begins to buckle under the pressure. But will Tessa’s plan work and drive a wedge between the happy couple, or will it backfire in her face?

Entertainment Value: As frequent readers know, I love dysfunction and nothing quite says dysfunction like an obsessed, unstable ex. In this movie, Tessa gives us an epic, ice cold bitch to watch in action and while I know it makes me a terrible person, I rooted for her throughout Unforgettable. That is because while most of the movie is by the numbers thriller fare, Tessa is a wild character and brought to life so well by Katherine Heigl. She has the ice water presence down to near perfection here, as well as the sudden bursts of passion. In short, Heigl carries the movie and outside of her presence, nothing stands out in the least here. The narrative is of course riddled with inconsistencies, but I doubt anyone watches these kind of thrillers for bulletproof stories, we just want to see a crazed psycho bitch on the rampage. It doesn’t help that Rosario Dawson is as dull as dishwater here and Tessa’s ex is one of the most generic males ever put on screen, as it doesn’t give Heigl much to work with. But the movie does deliver trashy thrills and some wild moments, so it covers the basics of the genre. With more interesting “good guys” however, I think this could have been a much better thriller. I do think it is worth a look for fans of trashy thrillers and psychotic women, as Heigl shines in this role and delivers a wild, melodramatic performance.

A super brief, blink and you’ll miss it bare ass is all the nakedness. We do get to see Tessa ride cowgirl on some random dude, then dismiss him like he’s hired help, which is hilarious. There’s also a bathroom sex scene that has some passion, but sadly, no naked flesh. Not much blood, but some and of course, once Tessa goes off the deep end, you know she is going to out for blood. A fun fight toward the finale gives us stab wounds and a great girl on girl brawl, which to me was perhaps the highlight of the entire movie. Aside from that, we have a fall down the stairs and a kitchen assault, so there’s violence and a hint of blood, but not a lot. The dialogue has some bright spots, with Whitney Cummings as the voice of reason and of course, Tessa is loaded with razor sharp verbal barbs. Heigl is a lot of fun here, embracing her inner bitch and letting loose a torrent of ice queen venom, so her exchanges with Dawson are the bright spots of the dialogue. As for the craziness, Heigl has it in spades and is the lone thread of insanity, but she brings the heat. Her spiral into madness is so much fun to watch, from little backhanded compliments to her manipulation of Julia, she plays the role to the hilt and carries the movie. I just wish she had more around her, but she does earn a couple points all on her lonesome.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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