Plot: Russell (Steve Richard Harris) had his moment in the limelight as a writer, but now he finds himself firmly out of the spotlight he desperately wants. He continues to write, but can’t seem to find traction, due in part to his stressful home life, which will soon include new twin babies. As he balances the needs of his pregnant wife and mentally ill sister-in-law, Russell also tries to stave off his mental stress to work on his next project. Already on the brink, Russell is soon pushed over the edge when his wife is killed in a tragic accident. As badly as his mind is breaking down, his desire to recapture the fame he tasted drives him into his work. But when he gets back together with an old flame, things begin to spiral into dark chaos. The house has always hosted some odd things, such as mysterious shadows, but now full blown paranormal events start to unfold and wreak havoc on Russell. What kind of dark force is behind these events and can Russell somehow survive the supernatural assault?

Entertainment Value: This indie horror flick puts us inside a haunted house with a lunatic, who might be scarier than the paranormal presence. The movie centers on Russell, a mentally broken man who has a short temper, drug problem, and bad attitude, who struggles to adjust to life after a brief encounter with fame. This guy is a fruitcake, played well by Steve Richard Harris, who looks and behaves like a narcotic fueled mad man throughout The Domicile. I mean, ghosts are eerie and all, but a drug laced psycho obsessed with fame might be even spookier. While some movies skimp on the spooky ghosts, this one throws the paranormal elements out often, with jump scares and creepy visuals. The movie is a little slow at times, but really picks up once the ex is back in the picture. Her presence ignites the supernatural and leads to some bright spots, such as the ghost choking the ex and knocking their heads together. I wouldn’t say The Domicile is scary, aside from some jump scares, but it is a pretty fun movie once the momentum is built. I mean, a ghost, a batshit crazy chick, and a mentally unstable Donny Osmond lookalike, what else could you want? If you appreciate indie horror and ghost stories, it is worth a look.

No nakedness. A little blood, as well as some ghostly makeup effects, but not much of the red stuff. We get one blade kill toward the finale, as well as a scene where Russell vomits blood and his own teeth. Yes, he throws up his own teeth and it is as cool as it sounds. I don’t think the dialogue is bad here, but it rarely offers up unexpected or over the top moments to soak in. Even Russell, who is a drugged up powderkeg, doesn’t explode often and tear off wild rants. Which is a shame, as I feel like him going on an absolute bizarre tangent would have been fun. The scene toward the end where Russell confronts a neighbor is a nice tease of how wild this could have been, but the movie is content to play it safe and keep this madman under control. The lead performance is the wildest thing about The Domicile, as the guy looks Donny Osmond, but behaves like a maniac. I don’t know if he’s supposed to be a good guy, but I rooted for the ghost, as he comes off like an asshole. But its fun to watch him suffer and be pushed to his breaking point, so no complaints.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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