Plot: Julie (Isabelle Mejias) loves her father, but has almost conflict with her mother so that relationship is quite strained. When Julie lets her pet snake loose once too often, she discovers her mother has gotten rid of the snake and plans to send her to boarding school, where she can be straightened out. This enrages Julie, who storms off and puts on her headphones while she pouts. Soon however, she hears some odd noises downstairs and sees her mother being accosted by a delivery boy. Julie grabs her rifle and has the attacker in her sights, but hesitates and in that moment, her mother is killed when her head is smashed against the floor. While this turn of events is tragic, Julie sees this as a chance to get closer to her father and replace her mother at his side. But when he starts to date again, Julie is furious, especially when she peeps in on her father having sex with his new girlfriend. She fantasizes that it is her in bed with her father, so she plots to take out her competition, just like she did before. But will Julie execute this twisted plan and cost more lives, or can she be stopped before its too late?

Entertainment Value: Also known as Daughter of Death, this is quite a wild one that cult film fans should appreciate. I do love movies about family dysfunction and man, does Julie Darling have dysfunction in spades. A young girl who really loves her father, to the extent that she wants to be the only woman in his life, complete with all the activities that encompasses. This premise is of course a creepy one, with a daughter fantasizing about seducing her own father and we are treated to the visual of just that, so not everyone is going to love this one. But for fans of dark, offbeat cinema, this level of creepiness is a gold mine, especially when the twisted daughter is played with this much ice cold passion. Isabelle Mejias is excellent in this one, as she conveys the obsession so well. Julie is single minded in her goal, ignoring social opportunities and common sense, not to mention being willing to sacrifice lives to achieve her fantasies. Mejias is just fun to watch here, playing the unstable bitch role to perfection, she carries the movie and never fails to entertain. The rest of the cast is fine as well, with Sybil Danning as the step mother and Anthony Franciosa as Julie’s father. This is a wild, sleazy slice of exploitation that is a blast to watch, from start to finish. If you appreciate twisted movies, you need to own Julie Darling, without question.

Not a lot of nakedness, but we do get a couple topless scenes and Sybil Danning shows off her impressive assets. One sex scene involves a father making passionate love to his daughter, so that is fun to look forward to, right? The movie doesn’t have a lot of blood, but it has a few moments. A nice one-two combo of groin damage and gun shot toward the finale is the best in terms of blood. Also a good amount of violence, including some attempted rapes and violence toward women. The dialogue offers a lot of fun, with Julie harassing people and doing so in a calm, yet vicious manner. Her taunts toward her mother at the film’s start are hilarious, as are her interactions with the rapist who killed her mom. Mejias is just so fun in Julie Darling, her performance ensures even casual lines provide great entertainment. The rapist/killer has some good creepy dude lines as well, but Julie gets most of the spotlight. On the insanity scale, this movie does well, with threads of incest, violence, and one of the most sadistic teens ever filmed, plus a general texture of sleaze and griminess.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 8/10

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