Story: This game has a simple story, you’re a lone survivor during a zombie apocalypse and you just need to stay alive. As you search out supplies and kill zombies, word of your deeds will be passed around and soon, other survivors might show up in your little town to support you. This is good, since the zombies can attack your safe houses and these survivors bolster your defenses. So you just kill zombies, collect supplies, and help other survivors, all in the hopes of outlasting the outbreak. That’s about it, of course the actual gameplay offers more depth than the narrative.

Entertainment Value: Zombie Town is a low priced indie game (around $2 when not on sale), so keep that in mind. The artwork is a little crude, but I liked how silly it looked and especially our chrome domed protagonist. If you need high end visual designs however, this game doesn’t meet that requirement. The combat is simple, you just swing/shoot and hope you outlast the enemies. Not much depth to the combat, but you can find and use numerous weapons and implements. You will need to be stocked on ammo and watch melee weapon condition, however. Where Zombie Town shines is the upgrade system, which allows you to improve your town and character. The town can gain stronger walls to keep zombies out, enhanced medical supplies, and additional storage, while your character can collect experience and boost his stats. As I mentioned before, you can also increase your town’s population and aid your defense. The game gives you several mission types to play around with, from basic survival tasks to looking for resources and hunting down powerful zombies. These raise your fame with other survivors and land you some nice rewards. I don’t see Zombie Town as a game that you’ll log hundreds in, but it is fun in small bursts. If you have a couple bucks and want a simple, but fun zombie experience, give it a shot.