Plot: Detective Warbeck (Jason Crowe) is a cop who uses his position to further his own needs, exploiting every avenue of his power. He roughs up prostitutes and enjoys their services, but refuses to pay and threatens to turn them in. Warbeck also has no issues with violence against his suspects, such as when he beat down a suspect and then gunned him down, right in the street. But before he died, the suspect phoned his girl and gave her instructions, to visit Queen Sheba. As his girlfriend discovers, Sheba is a voodoo priestess and using the dark arts, she enacts a curse upon Warbeck, slowly turning him into a cannibal. Meanwhile, a young woman is fed up with police violence and is on a one girl crusade to document the injustice. She begins to trail Warbeck since he is a boon for footage of police brutality, but of course, this puts her in some danger. Now that Warbeck is more unhinged than ever and out on a spree of violence, can anyone stop his reign of terror?

Entertainment Value: This is a micro-budget horror flick from genre veteran Donald Farmer, the director behind Cannibal Hookers and Vampire Cop, among numerous other movies. The premise here is simple enough, a seedy police detective is bitten by a voodoo powered zombie, which turns him into a cannibal, who is then pursued by a woman who wants to expose police injustice. The concept sounds like a lot of fun, but the end result isn’t as wild as some of Farmer’s other efforts. I think Cannibal Cop works best when it focuses on Warbeck, as he is fun to watch as he harasses and attacks various folks. But when it switches to the police expose side of the narrative, things grind a little and the movie suffers. The news reporter manages to eke some fun out of the scenes when she’s around, but otherwise, those segments are rather dull. The duration is also padded out by a decent amount of filler scenes, which is never good news. But when Warbeck is front and center, Cannibal Cop can be quite fun and Jason Crowe plays the grimy cop well. I do wish the movie was more over the top and had less of the non Warbeck scenes, but it is still a fun, brisk watch. If you’re a fan of indie horror or hookers who hard sell their merchandise, give Cannibal Cop a look.

A quick topless scene during one of the cannibal attacks, but that’s all the naked flesh on showcase in this one. This is a movie about a cannibal, so it does have some blood, but not as much as you might expect. Most of the attacks involve just smearing blood on the victims, so no real bites or ripping flesh, etc. In a couple scenes, we do get some nice makeup effects however. The finale involves some fun rotting flesh being torn from a face, which is likely the highlight of the bloodshed. So not a wealth of crimson, but there is some red stuff splashed around. The dialogue is mostly fun, though some lines seem forced and awkward. Like the lunch discussion about snails and foie gras, just kind of lame and out of place. Even so, we have some fun lines and exchanges, but the news reporter had to be the highlight for me. Her bitchy attitude was a lot of fun to watch and I wish she had been the female lead, instead of the one chosen. In terms of craziness, we have a few bright spots of wackiness, but not a steady stream. I did like the paint huffer, the ambitious whores, and Warbeck’s total disregard for everyone around him, which earn the movie a point or two.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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