Plot: After the death of Eve, a college professor named Dr. Abbot (Robert Knepper) takes an interest in the alien/hybrid design. Knowing that her offspring would be taken and likely killed, Abbot brings home one of Eve’s children. He intends to study Sara and learn about the hybrids, but he is surprised by how quickly the child matures. She is known as Sara (Sunny Mabrey) and according to the tests done by Abbot, she is the most pure of the hybrids. This means she is immune to a lot of the problems that plague the hybrids, who weren’t designed to handle of all our world’s elements. Like her mother before her, Sara is driven to mate, but because of her enhanced alien genetics, she doesn’t see humans as potential partners. As time passes and she isn’t able to copulate, her temper flares and she begins to lash out. Will she be stopped before she finds a suitable mate, or will she succeed in spreading her superior alien genetics, perhaps dooming mankind in the process?

Entertainment Value: While Natasha Henstridge has a super brief cameo at the start of Species III, this installment feels much different than the others. This sequel falls into the trap of the original, which tried to push too much exposition and not enough action. But the original had a great cast to help overcome the pacing issues, whereas Species III is unable to do so. The plot revolves around genetic purity and spends too much time in the lab, leaving us with not much femme fatale fun. Sunny Mabrey is a much different lead too, with a lifeless performance that is hilarious to watch, as she comes off like a pouty brat more than a bad ass alien. But I think her deadpan turn adds to the fun, so I don’t mind the horrible performance. I wanted more of the alien mayhem and alien girl power though, not long stretches listening to exposition. Not to mention this movie runs for almost two hours, so when you factor in the focus on exposition over sex/violence, this one drags often. So this feels like a pilot for an R rated CW series, not a sci/fi horror film soaked in blood and breasts. The movie is still fun at times, but it can be a slog between worthwhile scenes. But if you’re a fan of the Species franchise or just like alien chicks on the hunt, this is worth a look.

The emphasis on sex might be lessened, but there’s still ample nakedness here. A number of topless scenes are present, as well as bare ass shots. A humorous sex scene involves a beautiful alien riding cowgirl on a gas station hick, while he sits on the toilet in a filthy restroom. In addition to more terrible CGI of regenerating limbs, we do get some solid bloodshed in this one. The stand out for me was when a guy melts, festers, and oozes, leaving a goopy mess behind. Then he is opened up during an autopsy, which brings even more goopiness. There’s also double tendril penetration into a guy’s head, which is always fun. Not to mention a guy who is sliced in half, then slowly peels apart, right? Also several other scenes of fun gore and of course, some wet and messy live hatching is involved, since is this a Species movie. Some fun makeup effects too, so a nice assortment of visual treats here. The dialogue is run of the mill in most scenes, but does have some bright spots. Mabrey’s corpse like performance provides some interesting line deliveries, at least. But overall, not much in terms of fun or outlandish dialogue. On the craziness side, again Mabrey’s walking corpse performance is the strangest part of the movie, though the rural gas station bathroom sex scene adds some spice. In the end, too much dead space dampens the fun and by turn, the craziness in this one.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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