Plot: Aldo (Ray Lovelock) was the leader of a band of criminals who just pulled off a daring bank robbery, escaping with the cash after unleashing some violence during the heist. On the run and in need of a place to hide out, the crooks head to a remote seaside villa to let things cool down. But this villa isn’t empty and instead, the criminals discover some schoolgirls and their teacher, Sister Cristina (Florinda Bolkan). The crooks see no reason to let these women leave either, as they see the potential for kidnapping ransoms and of course, darker intentions. After he tries to rape one of the young women, one of the criminals is stabbed in the leg, which sparks even more animosity toward the captive females. A bus is scheduled to pick up the girls, but until then, they are subjected to a host of depraved, humiliating torments from the invaders, including Sister Cristina who is stripped and forced to watch her students be abused by these men. As time passes and the bus is delayed, can these women survive and perhaps even get a measure of vengeance?

Entertainment Value: As the title suggests, Last House on the Beach is a home invasion slash rape revenge type movie in the vein of The Last House on the Left. This kind of movie can be tough to watch, given the abuse, humiliation, and sexual violence involved, but the genre has launched some memorable entries. This movie pulls no punches and kicks off with a bank robbery, then launches into the home invasion, which begins with a maid being murdered with an iron. No time is wasted from there, as the criminals start a torrent of abuse and degradation. These actions are all the more potent because of the targets involved, young schoolgirls and a nun. While David Hess is the king of this genre, Ray Lovelock is more than capable in the lead predator role, especially when backed by some grimy dudes like he is here. These guys make sure the sense of dread is palpable, as they bring these sleazy characters to life well. Florinda Bolkan turns in a good effort as the tormented nun, while the young actresses are able to convey proper levels of fear and desperation. An unpredictable, stylish movie loaded with vile moments, plenty of odd touches, and a wild, memorable finale, this one is well worth a look.

Some nakedness, with several topless scenes and infrequent full frontal, as part of the television program the group watches. While not graphic, the rape scenes are intense and filmed in ways that make them effective and chilling. The actresses braved the scenes and put on excellent performances. The violence here is mostly sexual in nature, but we do have the opening shoot out at the bank, the death by iron, a stabbing, and some blood during assorted other scenes. The bloodshed isn’t rampant or overly graphic, however. The dialogue is a lot of abrasive, sexist tough guy talk, with the goons harassing and objectifying the women. Some memorable lines come through however, if just for how creepy or mean spirited they come off. On the craziness scale, the sexual violence and mean spirited tone amp up the score, not to mention some weird moments that creep in. One of the criminals puts on a full face of makeup prior to assisting with a rape, the group watches an odd naked dance show on tv, plus poorly timed finger snapping, panty sniffing, Scrooge McDuck posters, and of course, the animal masks and robes worn when we first meet the women. Not to be overlooked is the finale, which certainly contributes some craziness.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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