Plot: Kuso is not a narrative driven movie in the least, though the scenes within have some loose connections. Instead of a traditional plot, Kuso presents a series of scenes of various lengths and topics. These all seem to take place within the same world or culture, but don’t share narrative threads. Some of the scenes return over several segments as well, which helps the pace and general flow of the movie. So I promise I am not trying to skimp on a synopsis here, but Kuso is just not a movie that you can summarize in the usual ways.

Entertainment Value: Kuso feels more like a pirated alien broadcast than a movie, but it is such a wild ride, you won’t mind at all. The obvious influence here is Tim and Eric, as the movie uses a lot of similar techniques and has the feel of a Tim and Eric horror movie, for better or worse. I don’t mind the clear inspiration at all, as Kuso might share some creative aspects, but it never feels anything less than original and creative. I am sure most viewers will shut off the movie within the first few scenes, but for those of us who appreciate outsider cinema, Kuso is a welcome arrival. In a time of sequels and reboots, I am always glad to see some out of the box filmmaking and love it or hate it, at least Kuso takes some bold risks. The techniques used include low tech computer visuals, simple Photoshop like distortions, and some practical effects, all of which combine to create a grimy, often disturbing world. Not all of the scenes are worthwhile, some are quite flat and tryhard, but most are interesting and some are downright hilarious and off the rails. So while Kuso is inconsistent and certainly not a mass appeal movie, its hard to deny the creative vision or at the least, marvel at some of the outlandish things that have been dreamed up here. I had fun with Kuso and if you’re a fan of outsider cinema or just love weird shit, check it out.

A lot of sexual content in Kuso, but not that much actual nakedness. A few topless women and some brief full frontal nudity, as well as some sweaty man ass from Tim himself. The movie features a wealth of prosthetic and animated nudity however, including a creature sprouting from George Clinton’s asshole and all manner of penises and vaginas and breasts. I only score real nakedness, but there’s a ton of sexual content in Kuso, to be sure. The movie is filled with bodily fluids, but there’s not much blood or gore involved. A little blood seeps in a couple of the vignettes, like when an aborted fetus is jettisoned out of its mother, but there’s not much. Even so, we have a ton of shit, pus, semen, and other bodily fluids, all shown in vivid detail and in copious amount, so the gross level is high here. In terms of dialogue, the lines are random, over the top, and involve high levels of dysfunction, so you know I was a fan. At the same time, the lines are hit and miss, as the movie pushes too hard at times. But there are still some great, wild exchanges in Kuso, without question. On the craziness scale, this is about as random and tangential as movies can be, with a lot of balls deep wackiness from start to finish. I do think the movie tries way too hard at times to be weird, but it also has some great scenes that feel more relaxed and organic. I mean, if you sit an average multiplex movie lover down with Kuso, their brain is likely to implode. This is wall to wall weirdness and as such, it more than earns the highest score.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10