Plot: Radio shock jock Dan O’Dare (Paul Hipp) is in the middle of another of his famous publicity stunts, designed to draw attention and promote his radio show. This time, he has chained himself to the wall and has a polka record on repeat, until a listener can call in with the combination to a padlock. After over twenty hours of polka, he is pushed to the brink, but the local news have arrived to report on his stunt. As it turns out, the stunt involved a rigged giveaway that bribed a local reporter to cover the situation, but O’Dare really just wanted to meet the beautiful Lisa (Martha Quinn), who also works for the local news. She is upset by his scam, but quickly forgets about that when she sees a UFO, though no one believes her. As she searches for answers about the UFO, O’Dare is visited by a mysterious alien with a powerful weapon, a being who just wants to abduct the world’s beautiful women. But can this insidious, intergalactic cockblock be stopped, or will all of earth’s hotties be taken by this space invader?

Entertainment Value: Bad Channels is a lot of fun, a silly and brisk sci/fi comedy that has that Full Moon texture. The story sounds like a 50s sci/fi movie and with good reason, as Bad Channels feels like an updated take on the light sci/fi movies of those days. A main theme of this is a War of the Worlds type situation, as a radio host describes aliens to his listeners. Only this time, the aliens are real! Who doesn’t love a fun tale about aliens trying to take all of the hot women, especially when given this kind of late 80s/early 90s attitude. This was made in 1992, but has a strong 80s vibe and that works in the film’s favor, no doubt. The cast is colorful and embraces the tone of the material, with Martha Quinn and Paul Hipp in the leads. I also loved seeing Full Moon regular Sonny Carl Davis in this one, as he is always fun to watch. Bad Channels is content to be a fun, light movie that offers up solid entertainment. I wouldn’t call it a cult classic or what not, but for fans of Full Moon, it is worth a look.

This one has some hot girls in it, but no nakedness. But it is still fun to watch a girl dance on the counter of a small town diner, imagining a heavy metal band is providing her a song to perform to. This has a 50s b movie sci/fi vibe, so the lack of nudity isn’t a shock and doesn’t detract from the experience. No blood in this one, just alien mayhem and some green gunk from time to time. Again, the tone here doesn’t support gore and while I love the red stuff, its absence isn’t a hindrance. The dialogue is wacky at times, with that 80s flair and that can be fun. Hipp has some good lines as the radio host, but toward the end his lines tend to be serious and lose that sense of humor. So some fun lines here and there, but overall just a general fun, silly tone. The craziness here is rather low, but we do have random dance scenes, women shrunk into glass bottles, and Sonny Carl Davis as a short order cook, so some memorable moments.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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