Plot: In the pantheon of serial killers, few can compete with Bonejangles, who has killed hundreds and is almost impossible to take down. The rumors about his mother being a voodoo priest have bolstered the tales of him being immune to bullets and almost all other types of damages, with electricity being his only known weakness. But even when he is shocked with high voltage, he is merely stunned. His latest spree has been stopped and he is captured, not to mention heavily sedated so that his transfer can be completed without an escape and slaughter. But when an accident stops the transport, the police learn they’re stuck in Argento, on a cursed night that involves the demonic undead rising from their graves. Now faced with hordes of the living dead, the only way to survive and not be overrun is to even the odds. But will they unleash Bonejangles and if so, what will happen once he is on the rampage again?

Entertainment Value: Bonejangles is a horror/comedy and while that combination often results in god awful movies, this time the tumblers fall into place. The story follows a supernatural serial killer, unable to be killed and almost impossible to stop, who is freed by the police to defend them against waves of the undead. This premise is a lot of fun, as watching two kinds of horror movie villains battle it out is more interested than another “Ten Little Indians” slasher rundown. So mystical serial killer against the demonic living dead, that’s a fun concept. This movie plays on a number of the horror movie cliches, with mostly positive results. Some of the humor comes off as overly forced, but some is subtle and quite effective. The Deliverance reference was amusing and had a nice twist that it made it work well. The tone isn’t silly in most scenes, so it is mostly horror with a strong sense of humor. The Bonejangles character is a walking cliche, but looks cool and makes a capable central element here. The rest of the cast is fine, with performances that reflect the humorous approach. I wouldn’t say the movie nails the concept, the blend of horror and comedy is such a tough one, so its impressive how well it works. If you’re a horror fan who can appreciate some humor, give Bonejangles a shot.

This movie only one topless scene, but it involves some epic jugs that are a wonder to the eyes. So just one set of breasts, but they’re equal to like two or three pairs of mere mortal titties. The blood is frequent, with a mixture of low rent practical effects and some CGI splashes that look atrocious. The CGI in the chainsaw to the face scene looks miserable, but I suppose that could have been intentional. The kills aren’t graphic, with some bursts of blood and a lot of aftermath bloodshed. So we see blood dripping or covering bodies, but we don’t often see the violence that caused the carnage. There’s still some solid blood here, including a humorous hand removal sequence. The dialogue has some bright spots, but tries a little too hard to push in horror references. That means a lot of the lines come off as forced, which dampens the fun involved. Even so, some of the lines are effective and provide solid entertainment. Just not as many wild, home run lines as you might expect from this kind of material. The premise here is pretty wild, with a supernatural serial killer battling the undead, while a witch hunts down virgins, but it never feels that insane because of the humorous approach. I did find some small moments of wackiness, but overall not much craziness to mention.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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