Plot: As Lena (Marlene Clark) explores a small cave, she is bitten by a cobra and gains some unusual powers. As her friend was too scared to enter the cave, she waited outside only to be raped and then shot by a maniac (Vic Diaz). But as part of her new powers, Lena was able to use some snake venom to heal her friend’s wounds, instantly bringing her back to full health. Years later, a snake researcher named Joanna (Joy Band) arrives to learn more about the snakes in the area and to see if rumors of rare snakes and a mysterious “snake woman” are true. She visits the home of Lena, but is run off by a snake attack and a creepy, disfigured man. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Stan (Roger Garrett) also arrives and before he even settles in, he decides he needs a pet eagle and names him Dirk. Stan winds up at Lena’s place as well and is bitten by a cobra, but Lena is able to save his life and in the process, falls for the young man. The magic of the snake has allowed her to remain youthful, but at a steep cost to the men she loves, so will she choose her snake god or her new lover?

Entertainment Value: Night of the Cobra Woman is a fun, odd drive-in movie, with all kinds of wacky moments and of course, the presence of Vic Diaz. The story involves a woman who was given special powers by a snake god, but is torn when she has to choose between true love and appeasing the snakes. I mean, she wants to appease Stan’s snake as well, but in a much different fashion. The premise is a cool one, since it gives us this bad ass chick with snake traits who seduces men to drain their youth through sexual congress. In other words, she must keep a constant stream of young lovers to retain her powers, what a hard life! This leads to some cool snakeskin effects on our leading lady, as well as her running through the local men like water. Marlene Clark has that cold persona combined with hot passion, which is just what the role needed. Her matter of fact exchanges are fun to watch, especially when he explains to Stan that she needs other man, since he can’t handle her physical needs. Joy Bang is here also, looking good as always. I didn’t like the animal related stuff in this one, as there was some questionable treatment involved, but I don’t know the behind the scenes on how those scenes were filmed and what not. Regardless, fans of Roger Corman’s style of drive-in cinema will find a lot to like here, without question.

A few topless scenes, including some snakeskin flesh from Clark, which looks cool and should please herpaphiles to no end. So not a ton of naked flesh in this one, but better to have a few bare breasts than none, right? Not much blood, just a small bit here and there, barely enough for one point. But there is some fun makeup work, with snake eyes and disfigured faces. Vic Diaz looks like Sloth from The Goonies at times, with low rent, but fun makeup effects. I did like the snakeskin effects on Clark, as they looked cool and enhanced her character’s situation. The dialogue has a number of humorous lines, but not a consistent flow of interesting dialogue. Lena has the most fun dialogue, especially when she addresses her male seduction victims. Also some quirky random lines pop in, so there’s some good stuff here. On the craziness scale, this one has a weird vibe overall and some wacky moments throughout. Not super insane stuff, but just odd moments that keeps things a little weird. So don’t expect an off the rails type movie, but it provides solid drive-in weirdness.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10