Plot: A friendly night of strip poker takes a horrific turn, as a maniac breaks in and kills most of the guests. Bill (Bill Zebub) and his girlfriend Jeanne (Jeanne Potter) decide to run for freedom, rather than risk being arrested for the murders. This begins a wild adventure that has them cross paths with a werewolf, Jesus Christ, militant Muslims, sexually aggressive soldiers, and more. When Jeanne is transformed into a monster size woman, she knocks over the buildings and becomes a concern for the military, who are already dealing with terrorist situations. But Bill volunteers to be shot into her vagina, with a plan of his own to ensure he isn’t a father just yet. This is just the start of the couples’ trek through one insane scenario after another, but will they find freedom or be forced to face justice for a 52 pick up game gone lethal?

Entertainment Value: This is a Bill Zebub production, so if you’re seen his other work, you know what to expect. If not, his style involves a lot of fast paced dialogue, merciless social commentary, and tons of naked women. In this movie, the story centers on a couple who run from the law when their friends are killed, only to be thrust into a series of ridiculous situations. His films are pretty divisive, as you’re likely to either love them or hate them. In the case of The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made, Zebub throws almost every horror cliche in a blender with a wealth of politically incorrect dialogue, then pressed the puree button. The result is meandering and a little slow in some scenes, but is still fun to watch. As usual for Zebub’s films, this one could likely benefit from some cuts, as things do drag at times. If you’re a fan of his style however, this has all his usual tricks, though not as much nudity as usual. The humor is hit and miss, but so many jokes and exchanges are thrown in, some were bound to fall flat. I don’t think this will win over those who don’t like his other work, but for fans of Zebub’s unique cinema, this one is worth a look.

This one has some nakedness, but not the epic levels of flesh you might expect from a Bill Zebub movie. Even so, we have numerous topless scenes, some bare ass, and a few vivid full frontal shots. The sex scenes often don’t involve nudity, such as when a female werewolf rapes a detective or horny soldiers rape Bill Zebub, but others do, like when a ventriloquist doll of Oliver Hardy tries to convert a lesbian. Jesus masturbates with the hole in his hand, and more sexual madness. The bloodshed is present, but it is done in a campy, over the way, which is still fine. A hand gets lopped off, playing cards are stuck into a woman’s face, a girl’s face is torn off, and a rubber bat attacks a woman, so yeah there’s that. The dialogue is sometimes hilarious, sometimes cringe worthy, but it is still outlandish throughout. A mix of dad jokes, puns, grammar based humor, and more, all of which is very politically incorrect and certain to offend those viewers with delicate constitutions. While not all the dialogue lands, enough of it does and even the bad jokes tend to be memorable. This one has ample wackiness and is so absurd, even routine scenes tend to seem off the wall. A baby is stomped to death, Bill is shot into his girl’s vagina for an in person abortion, rednecks stage a fight club, a clash between a rubber bat and a rubber spider unfolds, a giant naked woman topples the twin towers, there’s a lot of crazy shit in this one.

Nudity: 8/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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