Plot: Christine (Kerry Mack) is a beautiful young woman out to explore life, with an open mind and even more open body. She winds up as part of a carnival and there, she meets Walter (Ralph Schicha), a German man who also works for the circus. He is a puppet master, crafting his own puppets and putting on shows for the customers. Soon the two fall into a passionate romance, but Walter begins to show signs of severe jealousy and becomes possessive. When he proposes and she declines, he shoots himself and she ends up married to him, as otherwise he would refuse surgery on his injuries. As she gets to know him, more strange things start to become clear and after she tells him she wants an abortion, he is furious. She doesn’t want more kids, as she wants to enjoy life and not be so tied down. As the tension grows between them, Christine stumbles upon Walter’s dark secret, but how will it all play out for her?

Entertainment Value: This one is based on real life events, but I’m not familiar with the case, so I’m not sure how faithful this adaptation is. I hope the shower scene where her jugs press against the glass was real, at the very least. The story starts off like some kind of Lifetime original picture, with an obsessive guy and a strained relationship, but soon rockets into madness. A German puppeteer loses his mind, tries to kill himself, guilts a free spirited woman into marriage, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The movie has a lot of weird moments and unexpected plot twists, but retains that Lifetime level of melodrama, which is hilarious to watch. So think of this as a Lifetime original picture, but on bath salts, if you will. Schicha is great as the abusive husband, especially the deeper he goes into craziness, while Mack is fun to watch for different reasons, with the shower scene as a perfect example. The two play off each other well and wring all the possible dysfunction out of the material, just as it should be. Melodrama, dysfunction, and a lot of wackiness, Savage Attraction is a fun slice of Ozploitation than genre fans should definitely check out.

This one doesn’t have a lot of nudity, but it does have a great scene where Mack is naked in the shower being hammered from behind. Her body presses against the glass with each thrust, so you can picture how beautiful that image is. She is also topless in several other scenes, while we also have a quick glimpse of man ass in one scene. The blood is minimal outside of one scene, but man, what a turn of events. A band of Turkish thugs assault our lead couple, one of whom winds up with a gruesome neck wound that sprays blood all over the place. By the end of that sequence, everyone is coated in crimson and it is a nice, unexpected blast of bloodshed. A few other minor bits of blood, from wounds of assorted types, none of which are graphic. The dialogue here is priceless, with more dysfunction than one movie should allow. Walter is such a dick and he is merciless, not to mention unstable in every aspect. He barks at his woman constantly and their exchanges are pure toxic fun. On the crazy scale, we have a toddler with a hand grenade, bank robberies, a Neo-Nazi subplot, an acoustic guitar sing-along, Walter wears super short jean shorts on a sailboat and throws a fit, and many other small, but hilarious moments of outlandish bliss.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 8/10