Plot: Brodie (Milo Cawthorne) stands out like a sore thumb in his new home, as he is a metalhead to the core and that clashes with just about everything around him. At school, the jocks run the hallways and Brodie’s friends are more concerned about roleplaying games than anything else. At home, he is tormented by his douchebag cousin and always pestered by his hyper-religious uncle, who hates metal music and does his best to trash it whenever he can. But at a local record store, Brodie meets fellow metal maniac Zakk (James Blake) and his life changes for the better, as the two connect instantly and forge a strong bond. While trying to distract themselves from suburban hell, the two uncover some ancient sheet music that proves to be a kick ass metal track. So a band is formed and once the long buried song is performed, it sparks a chain of events that turns the world upside down. The song summoned Aeloth, an old and evil entity also known as The Blind One. As Aeloth threatens to bring the entire world into ruin, it is up to Brodie and Zakk to make a stand and protect mankind.

Entertainment Value: I love the union of metal music and horror movies, as the two are just a natural fit, I think. Deathgasm marries the two elements quite well and is able to bring out the best in both sides of the equation. The story is a familiar one, as an ancient evil is awoken by some bumbling teenagers, but it doesn’t feel worn at all, thanks to the ample fresh twists. The movie has a kinetic feel and brisk pace, not to mention a dark, but sharp sense of humor. I found the scenes that evoked heavy metal artwork scenes come to life to be a lot of fun, as well as the instant bond between Brodie and Zakk, driven by their passion for metal. Not to mention the soundtrack, which is packed with metal music, so the metal angle of Deathgasm isn’t for show, as the movie is more or less a love letter to the music and lifestyle. The horror is just as effective, with a lot of cool and creative practical gore effects, as well makeup work. The dark humor means it more bad ass than scary, but that’s never a problem. Deathgasm is a blood drenched, metal fueled horror flick that never fails to entertain. If you have even a minor interest in horror or metal, you can’t miss this one.

The nakedness is limited here, with only two topless scenes and both are rather brief, though memorable. I mean, not every movie has a topless chick with mystical electric charges running through her breasts, right? The blood here is plentiful and for the most part practical effects, which is always good news. The kills here are often creative, such as the sex toy slaughter that finds our heroes wielding anal beads and two headed dildos as weapons. Seeing a guy’s jaw smashed in by a dildo is quite a sight, so the movie scores as far as fun bloodshed. A high kill count and a wealth of fun gore effects, with a highlight of mine being a scene where a teacher shits blood all over himself, just crazy stuff. A penis is also torn off using a barbed-wire weed whacker, but that moment is dampened by some lackluster CGI. The dialogue is humorous and has a lot of metal lingo, which yields some fun moments. Not as many one liners as I expected, but some fun exchanges and one off lines, to be sure. The craziness here lies in the abundance of bloodshed, creative kills, and slavish devotion to metal, which count toward some points, but the movie’s humorous approach lessens the insanity levels a touch. So a little wacky, but never off the rails.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 8/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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