Plot: Gretchen (Denis Richards) is a results driven federal agent, but her outside the box methods have landed her in trouble time and again. After one such incident, she is taken off active duty and given a desk job, so she boards a plane and prepares for a life behind a stack of papers. After she hassles a fat guy on the plane, she is upgraded to business class and meets an eccentric man. He offers her fifty million dollars to make sure he survives the flight, as it will soon be hijacked and those who take control of the plane will be after him. She dismisses his ramblings at first, but soon learns he was telling the truth and begins a plan to save all those on board. Now a team of ruthless mercenaries have taken over the plane and Gretchen has to rely on herself and a rookie air marshal, to stop a squad of elite soldiers. With a plane full of innocent people in the balance, can she once more rise to the occasion?

Entertainment Value: I knew I had to see Altitude from the first previews, as it boasts quite an eclectic cast. The main trio advertised was Denise Richards, Dolph Lundgren, and UFC legend Chuck Liddell, so of course I had to see this! As it turns out, Richards is the lead, while Lundgren and Liddell have smaller, but still prominent roles. I really hoped for a showdown between Dolph and The Iceman, but that doesn’t happen, though Liddell and Richards do have a brief scrap. The story here is a reach, but it sets up the various twists and turns, so it covers the basics. A kind of airborne thriller with some light action thrown in, Altitude has that b movie vibe, but that isn’t a bad thing, not in the least. The dialogue is one liners, the performances are mostly phoned in, but it is just such an odd cast and they’re used in humorous ways. Lundgren is relegated to being the pilot, while Richards is given this bad ass action hero role, it just entertains if you have that appreciation for b action movies. Was Altitude a great action movie? No, but it has some moments and it is just worth watching if only to see Richards in such an unusual role. So if you like movies with bizarre casting choices or just want to see Chuck Liddell dressed like a flight attendant, check it out.

No nakedness. Just a tiny bit of blood, but not enough to warrant even one point on the scale. There is a humorous moment of a woman cut in half, but it is done with such poor CGI, I can’t award the points. There’s not much blood, but Altitude does have fun action sequences. Denise Richards is in a few fisticuffs here, including a short tussle with Lidell and a girl on girl showdown. The fights are fun, but not well executed, though fun is enough in this case. I mean, can we expect martial arts greatness when Denise Richards is our lead? As for dialogue, we have a host of one liners, including some real cringe inducing winners. “You need to adjust your altitude, bitch!” is a personal favorite, but there’s several other terrible, but hilarious moments. The presence of Denise Richards as an action star adds some craziness, as do the miserable CGI set pieces toward the end, but this one is pretty much in bounds for a b action movie. I wish it would have gone more over the top, but it stays pretty reeled in.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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