Plot: Toni (Arlene Farber) and her friend Sonya (Jean Weston) both attend ballet classes, but they’re quite different otherwise. Sonya is a reserved, level headed woman, while Toni prefers to cut loose and get wild, a real party girl. Despite this, the two have a good friendship and are close. After all, they both share a passion for ballet and acting, with dreams of stardom. Toni has been offered a part in a commercial, but to land it she needs to sleep with a producer, which she is willing to do. Sonya thinks this is a bad idea, but Toni insists and hooks up with the producer. But things take an unexpected turn, as he takes her to a wild sex party. At the party, a mentally unstable creep named Frank (Lucky Kargo) sees her and becomes obsessed. Soon, he takes things too far and rapes her, but that isn’t the end of her ordeal. Frank continues to stalk her, but will Toni ever be safe and will she unknowingly lead the creep to Sonya?

Entertainment Value: A little slow at times, Two Girls for a Madman overstays its welcome, but is still a solid piece of exploitation. A pair of bestie ballerinas just want to be famous, but wind up on the radar of a greasy creep. I suppose this would qualify as a roughie, but it is tamer than most that fall under that banner. It does deal with some rough moments, though they’re not presented in graphic fashion. The tone is dark at times, but there’s not quite the same sense of dread or hopelessness that some roughies present. The cast is fun, with Farber and Weston in the leads and Kargo as an effective sleazy creeper. You need likable girls and an effective bad guy, so this movie comes through in that regard. At the same time, the pace is slow and a lot of filler is here, which further thins the material. I don’t think genre fans will be bored by any means, but it is worth a mention. I think overall this is a fun movie, with some oddball scenes and a good amount of naked women. I think anyone with an interest in exploitation will find a lot to like here.

This one boasts a good level of naked flesh, with frequent and consistent nudity from start to finish. Topless scenes abound, with a few bare asses as well. A number of different girls get naked as well, so not just the leads. Though of course, they’re shown in the buff quite often as well. No graphic sex or full frontal. Some bruises and rough scenes, but no blood. The dialogue has some bright spots, but don’t expect this one to be a quote machine. The lead girls have some fun lines and some small roles have some nice ones too, they’re infrequent but still fun. As far as craziness, the masked sex party is pretty out there, but that’s about it. Outside of that and a few other weird moments, this one plays within the usual exploitation conventions. It does have a good ending though, one that provides a proper conclusion.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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