Plot: Kim (Jill Lansing) is a high school senior who is tired of where her life is headed, but she hasn’t given up. Her boyfriend left her for a rich girl, she has no money, and she is failing most of her classes, so she has some real problems. But then she has the idea to use her natural talents to solve those problems…with sex. A local drug dealer has always wanted to pimp her out, so she finally agrees and becomes a prostitute after school, pulling in some serious cash. At the same time, she uses her newfound liberation to sleep with, then blackmail her teachers into raising her grades, so her problems seem to be a thing of the past. As she starts to get used to easy money and sexual power, will Kim quit while she is ahead or push herself over the edge?

Entertainment Value: The story of a high school prostitute turned hitwoman, Malibu High is a unique movie, even by exploitation standards. Jill Lansing plays the lead, Kim and puts on one of the best bratty bitch performances ever filmed. She is such an ill tempered, manipulative woman, you just have to be in awe of her mastery of the bitch arts. She carries Malibu High well and is a lot of fun to watch, embracing the madness she falls into. The rest of the cast is passable, including some colorful turns, but no one outshines Lansing here. The pace is great, as the movie starts hot and rarely lets up, never dull even for a single scene. I also love how the movie takes some wild turns and has such a dark, mean spirited feel to it, not many good people or even good intentions in this one. Just a lot of colorful individuals out to further themselves, even at the expense of others. What else could you want from an exploitation movie, right? I had a lot of fun with Malibu High, even if you’re not normally into sleaze or exploitation, it is so unique, you should give it a chance.

There’s a good amount of naked flesh here, most of which belongs to our wild lead, Jill Lansing. She is naked when the movie starts and keeps dropping her clothes as we go, never shy about showing off her talents. She shows it all too, breasts, bare ass, and enough bush to make the 70s beam with pride. The sex scenes aren’t graphic at all, but Lansing is always naked, which is a plus. So the sleaze remains solid, despite most of the nudity being the same actress. The blood doesn’t flow like wine, but we do some icepick fun and a few gun shot victims. Other violence happens as well, but one of the best has to be when Kim strips down and murders her principal with her breasts, as his heart gives out when he sees those melons. I love the dialogue in this too, with a constant stream of mean spirited lines that never hold back the venom. Kim is an epic tier super bitch, but almost everyone in this movie has a terrible attitude toward others. I love dysfunction, so I was down for all the barbs, insults, and attacks, great stuff here. As if the story of a high school prostitute/assassin wasn’t wild enough, the cruel characters and great effort from Lansing push this one up the crazy scale. This is a twisted ride but also a fun one thanks to the film’s dark sense of humor. Plus where else can you see a high school hooker being chased to the People’s Court theme song?

Nudity: 6/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 10/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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