Plot: Helen (Denine Dubois) just wanted to take a leisurely drive in the countryside, but found herself in a fight for her freedom. On the way her aunt’s house, Helen runs out of gas and is forced to proceed on foot. As it was a nice day and all, she takes off her clothes and bathes in a nearby creek, to ease her nerves. But she will soon be more frazzled than ever before, as she runs into a strange man with bad intentions. He slaps her around and rapes her, but that isn’t the end of her tribulations. She is then taken to a remote house, where a second man is tasked with breaking the wills of the kidnapped women who end up there. This sparks a violent chain of events for poor Helen, who is whipped, kicked around, and forced to engage in salacious activities. Will she be able to escape and help bring down these evil men, or will she wind up as yet another trafficked female in this twisted slavery ring?

Entertainment Value: This one seems to have it all, with ample nudity, sexual sadism, and even a Mongolian hunchback. The story here is told via flashbacks, as Helen recounts her ordeal to a sheriff as the two wait for backup to arrive. So in most scenes, Helen narrates what happens instead of traditional dialogue from the on screen folks, which takes a bit of getting used to. The movie starts off slowly, but at least there’s naked flesh to keep us distracted. Two women taking turns showering and toweling off take up much of the first fifteen minutes or so, then we roll into the narrative. At that point, things start to go off the rails and of course, that means great entertainment. Helen endures some fetishistic torture, but none of the violence here is graphic or at all realistic. A guy in a Hawaiian shirt slaps around the girls, then we meet the film’s real star, a Mongolian hunchback with a sped up, super high pitch voice. The tone is silly, intentional or not, including some unusual dance routines. If you’re a fan of odd movies, exploitation, or hunchbacks, check this out one.

This movie has plenty of naked women, with frequent nude scenes throughout the entire movie. As I mentioned before, toward the start we have two shower scenes and lingering shots of the naked girls, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Denine Dubois is naked in almost all of her scenes, including an odd sequence where she strips down to bathe in a stream, for no real reason. Inside the house, we have numerous bare breasts and asses, but not full frontal shots in this one. In addition, we have a series of strip tease dances and some light whipping scenes, which are always fun. So ample breasts to go around, especially given the film’s short duration. The movie has some rough stuff, but no blood this time. The dialogue is narration and monkey chatter, so not a lot of memorable or off the wall lines here. Helen has a few humorous moments thanks to her naivety, but that’s about it. But it does earn some crazy points, between Helen’s constant need to be naked, the Mongolian hunchback, the Hawaiian shirt sadist, and the girls being forced to watch strip shows.

Nudity: 6/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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