Plot: Amber Rain (Paula Burrows) is actress with a lot of talent, but she keeps getting passed over for roles. As she watches less talented performers move up the ladder, she is also told that her small breasts are holding her back. Amber just wants to earn roles for her skills, not her chest, but she’s tired of being overlooked. So after much inner debate, she gets breast augmentation, but since she doesn’t have much cash, she isn’t able to afford a reputable service. She awakens with much larger breasts, but is also told there were some complications in the procedure. The operation left her with some scars and less than ideal breasts, but she’s hopeful she can at least land some roles now. But she also begins to hear strange voices, including an argument between a set of huge tits and a pair of small ones. Her own breasts start to talk to her and the conversations are grim, with her tits now demanding violence against those who might harm her. Has she gone insane or do her tits really have a mind of their own?

Entertainment Value: I love the premise in this one, as a woman’s botched fake tits start to talk and slowly drive her to violence. While that concept is indeed front and center here, the tone is much different than I expected. Despite the faux print damage, this movie doesn’t have much of a grindhouse texture, instead it is a broad comedy that goes for laughs, not shocks. The idea of a spoof on “female vengeance” is interesting, but it never really plays on the conventions until close to the finale. So what we have is a kind of slapstick take on the genre, especially as the movie heads toward the conclusion. Some of the humor works, some falls flat, and some is just outlandish and bizarre. I loved the sleazy producer who was given an Elvis voice over, but the high pitched voice used for Amber’s breasts was grating and annoying, so its a mixed bag here. The cast seems to have been mostly overdubbed, so its hard to gauge the performances, but Paula Burrows is solid in the lead. She has to talk to her tits a lot and jiggle them around, but she has solid presence and carries the film well. A slapstick take on this genre seems odd, but Bangin’ Vengeance has a cool premise and some bright spots. So if you’re into micro budget indies, give it a chance.

A pair of disembodied breasts appears briefly, then there’s no flesh on showcase until the reveal at the finale. But if you’re hoping a movie about killer breasts has a lot of bare boobs, you’re out of luck. A few minor instances of blood, but for the most part the effects here are played for slapstick laughs. A guy gets disemboweled and hot dogs pour out, no effort is made to mask a melon standing in as a crushed head, and the movie’s highlight, a hot dog is used as a penis and hijinks ensue. The makeup work in the finale is quite good and that reveal was important, so that was clutch. So no real gore, but some creative and humorous effects. The dialogue is silly and over the top, with some choice lines here and there. The discussion between the porn actors about shaving is odd, but fun and the terrible Elvis soundalike is just hilarious. I hated the high pitched voice of Amber’s breasts, but that was only annoying part. As far as craziness, the finale earns a couple points, but otherwise the slapstick approach lessens the madness. Even so, this is still a weird ass movie.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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