Plot: A small town seems to be under siege, as locals are being killed by some unknown maniacs and no one has any solutions. A young couple was attacked during a parking session, but the girl was able to escape. Her lover was killed by what she described as some kind of monster, which baffles the authorities. But when others turn up killed in odd ways, it is hard to pin the blame on just a human. One man is killed when some kind of strange light signal drastically speeds up the aging process, leaving him a mummified shell of a man. While these killings have the town’s elders in a panic, the mayor is careful not to leak word of the situation to the masses. After all, the town has a huge, tourist attraction development deal in the works and something like this could put the squash on those plans. Just when the situation seems hopeless, a man with a special interest in asteroids and mysteries arrives. But even with the help of this expert, can the town fend off these powerful monsters?

Entertainment Value: A low, low rent love letter to classic monster movies, The Alien Factor is a mess, but it is often a fun mess. The story is simple, some creatures show up in a small town and start killing locals, leaving the authorities baffled until a mystical expert arrives to lend a hand. A tried and true narrative for the genre and it works, including some fun twists to explain the presence of the monsters. The movie’s main draw are the monsters, which look bargain basement, but a lot better than you’d expect, given the minimal resources involved. If you’re a fan of the old creature features, you’ll get a kick out of these creations. When the monsters aren’t around, we are left with a cast of local actors who aren’t skilled thespians, but can be fun to watch. The mayor was my personal favorite, as he had some odd mannerisms that added entertainment. I can’t imagine people expect or even want polished acting in a film of this kind, so the amateur cast is a positive, not a detriment. No one is likely to defend The Alien Factor as high art, but it earned a cult fan base for a reason, it is just plain fun to watch. If you appreciate b movies or creature features, give it a chance.

No nakedness. There is some minor blood here and there, but not much. Most of it is like the aftermath of scratches and such, just a little blood on the bodies. But a couple scenes have splashes of active blood, which is always welcome. There’s not much blood, but as I mentioned, we have some cool creature effects. I know the stop motion monster in this is often razzed, but its still a fun scene. The monster suits and stop motion animation aren’t polished, but they’re creative and add a lot to the movie. I’m surprised the crew were able to do so much with the limited resources available. The dialogue isn’t a home run, but it does have some bright spots. The mayor is fun to watch, while Don Leifert also adds some humorous moments. I love his interactions with the rest of the cast and the movie even works in an explanation for his cold, mean spirited approach. This one is in line with the monster movie formula, so its doesn’t earn much in terms of insanity points. But the cool creatures deserve a point and the few little twists in the story and a couple memorable performances contribute as well.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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