Plot: Kathy (Julie Suscinski) needs to kick start her social life, as she spends most of her nights in front of the television. She is obsessed with a program called Chickboxer, which features a powerful female lead that beats down anyone in her path. Kathy fantasizes that she could be that kind of take charge woman, but never pushes herself to take steps toward that dream. Her friend Freida (Shauna Baer) hounds her about choosing the television show over a real social life, but Kathy just loves Chickboxer. Finally Kathy decides to take a chance and signs up for a karate class, where she hopes to learn some martial skills to help make her into a real life superhero. At the same time, a criminal mastermind is corrupting the local politics scene, framing innocent men and putting in paid off, crooked replacements. Can Kathy ever be the ass kicker she dreams of and what will the corruption overtake the entire city?

Entertainment Value: This is a low rent diamond in the rough from the David DeCoteau & J.R. Bookwalter realm of independent cinema. The story follows two paths, one with a girl who tries to live up to the television star she admires and the other dealing with rising corruption in the town’s political field. The narrative is fine, obviously not all that remarkable, but it does what it needs to. The cast is mostly regional amateur performers, though some well known folks like James Black and Michelle Bauer are featured. These might not be seasoned veterans, but they embrace the material and really turn in fun, entertaining performances. If you have an appreciation for enthusiastic performances and oddball dialogue, you’re in luck here. The writing is off the wall at times, but it is that creative, tangential approach that makes Chickboxer so much fun. Even in a plain scene, you never know what these characters might rattle on about. No one is going to defend Chickboxer as high art, but it does what a movie like this should do, keep you entertained. I’d recommend this to fans of DeCoteau, Bookwalter, 90s regional indie cinema, or just odd movies in general.

This movie only has one sex scene, but it is solid fucking gold. Michelle Bauer shows off her beautiful breasts and ass, in a strange, but hilarious sequence. She has an odd conversation with this dude, then mounts him and rides for a minute. As she does this, we can see the guy’s hairy ballsack and in a wonderful turn of events, we can hear the off screen direction. An epic and fantastic scene. No blood, but we do get some rather fun martial arts scenes. Of course, no one seems to know anything about karate, but that just adds to the madness. Kathy’s transformation into a karate ass kicker is a thing of beauty, to be sure. Oh, the dialogue. I love the dialogue in Chickboxer. It is so fun to soak in the exchanges, as the writing is outrageous and the performances just run with the offbeat tone. This results in almost every conversation being filled with great lines and even slow scenes packing solid entertainment. I have immense respect for the cast in this one, they really seem to have embraced the entire experience. On the crazy scale, this is just one big outlandish scoop of indie entertainment. The wacky dialogue, dedicated cast, and wild narrative moments just make this a constantly wild ride. While not as insanely over the top as some movies, Chickboxer is still pretty nuts.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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