Plot: The year is 1957 and mankind has launched the first expedition to Mars, with hopes of great scientific discoveries. The small crew does indeed happen upon one of the greatest scientific discoveries ever, but not how they expected. When the ship passes through an unknown energy field, the speed is increased exponentially and reaches a level that overloads the measuring devices. As the crew sleeps in stasis, the ship travels at incredible speeds and eventually crash lands on a snow covered landscape. The crew soon wakes up and is unsure where they’ve arrived, but they learn gravity and the atmospheric elements are acceptable. As they explore this new world, they run into strange, one eyed men who act like savages, giant cave spiders, and clues that finally have them guessing they’re back on Earth. But thanks to the energy field and insane speeds, they believe they have traveled through time into a distant future. But if this is Earth, it is a desolate and dangerous place unlike the Earth they knew, so can they somehow survive in this familiar, but new world?

Entertainment Value: A tale of time travel, beautiful women, cycloptic mutants, and all kinds of other cool stuff, World Without End is a lot of fun. The story is classic 50s sci/fi and sets up all the good stuff quite well. I do love 50s sci/fi, but a lot of the movies are just a cool premise without much to back it up. Maybe one or two neat scenes, then a lot of filler to pad out the duration. World Without End avoids that fate and weaves in enough cool stuff to eliminate the need for much filler. We still get the scientists working their science magic, but things don’t slow down much or become dull. In the times when the movie is a touch slow, the melodramatic performances keep things afloat. The cast is overly serious, with deadpan scientists and bratty underground females, which adds some entertainment. This movie delivers all you want from a 50s sci/fi b movie, all packed into a compact running time of about 80 minutes. If you’re into classic sci/fi, monster movies, or b movies, give it a look.

No nakedness. A tiny bit of blood when guns come out, but very little and its non graphic. Some fun effects though, including one hilarious giant spider prop. I love the panic the actors display as they wrangle with the spider, just awesome fun. The effects are dated, of course but cool to watch and to me, that’s what counts. I’d rather have a jank spider that has some soul than a CGI mess that looks like a 1995 video game cut scene. So very cool, very hokey effects that scream 1950s sci/fi cinema. The dialogue is about what you’d expect, with a mix of scientific mumbo jumbo and overly dramatic “save the human race” type comments. Fun stuff for sure, but not a wealth of hilarious or just over the top type lines or exchanges. Some of the interactions with the women are humorous, given how the genders are handled in the movie. As far as craziness, it is wacky even by 50s sci/fi standards, but not too off the rails. I do think it earns a couple points though, for the science talk, cyclops, and odd gender roles.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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