Plot: Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis) has managed to escape from Eebee’s bong world, with plans to make the most of his life. As usual, his plan involves weed and breasts, so he opens a topless bowling alley. Customers can purchase normal bowling time or order up a “gutterball,” which comes with a sack of the green. He has hired beautiful girls to keep the customers entertained and even has cult filmmaker David DeCoteau in the house, so this seems like an instant success. But Eebee knows Rabbit has flown the coop and while Gingerdead Man loves the bong world, he is certain that if he can have sex with a real girl, he will return to his human form. As such, he too exits the bong world and Eebee sees this as a chance to pull all of the bowling alley’s clients into her world, giving her immense strength. But when Larnell (John Patrick Jordan), Sarah Leigh (Robin Sydney), and even Hambo show up, trouble is bound to follow!

Entertainment Value: Full Moon loves these Evil Bong sequels and while they’re formulaic, they know what fans want from the series. The story here is just Rabbit trying to get high and check out boobs, while Larnell chooses between two women, Hambo stages a comeback, Eebee pushes for world domination, and Gingerdead tries to have sex with a real woman. All of this and more packed into about an hour, so there’s no down time or filler this time around. Some returning cast members keep things familiar, with Sonny Carl Davis cementing himself as the lead this time, which is wise since he is the best part of the series besides Robin Sydney’s dance moves. There is a little blood in this one, but the focus remains on the humor over the horror. So if you appreciate the weed humor the series is known for, you’ll be at home here. This installment doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, it just gives fans of the series more of what they want, which is hard to find fault with. The short duration ensures the movie never drags even for a moment, so if you’re a fan of weed, this series, or Full Moon, give it a look.

This movie takes place in a topless bowling alley, so yeah, it has some boobs. About half a dozen different pairs of breasts are on showcase, so a nice variety of shapes, sizes, and implants vs. naturals. There’s also a sex scene with Gingerdead banging out one of the girls, with a very creamy finish. So yep, boobs ahoy in this one. One scene has some blood, as a redneck takes a stab to the eyeball, but it is quick and that is the lone horror type scene. But hey, its nice to have some red stuff around. I think Sonny Carl Davis has been the highlight of this series since it kicked off, so I was glad to see him moved into the central role here. He has such enthusiasm and that makes even the groaner lines have a little punch. Eebee has her usual sharp barbs, Gingerdead Man has his one liners, and Hambo gives us proper creeper presence. The dialogue might not be thought provoking, but it is fun. Evil Bong 420 has some odd moments, but overall it falls right in line as part of this franchise. The casual racism, rampant drug use, and killer cookie are just par for the course.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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