Plot: A strange space rock crash lands on Earth and gives off some righteous smoke, thanks to a hidden secret inside. A bong from outer space is embedded within this rock and soon, it winds up at a local head shop. Of course, this shop is run by none other than Larnell (John Patrick Jordan) and he buys the bong, even though it looks like a cheap movie prop. He is soon joined by his usual band of friends, all of whom seem suspicious of the outer space bong. After all, they’ve had wild adventures with not one, but two evil bongs. Soon enough the sci/fi bong reveals it too can talk and the gang is curious about his motives, so they smoke up. Once inside, Bachman (Mitch Eakins) thinks he is in heaven when four topless alien women service him, but soon he is milked dry. A plan seems to be afoot to collect the essence of human men, though none of these guys seem to mind. Are these just amorous aliens or is there an alien invasion involved?

Entertainment Value: Last time I visited this franchise, I noted that the first sequel managed to improve upon the original. But that trend doesn’t continue here, as this is a passable movie, but loses ground from the second film. The story is fine, as the boys once again do battle against a new evil bong, this time one that arrived from outer space. But the alien bong doesn’t have much personality or wild dialogue, unlike Eebee or King Bong. And while Eebee is here. she has minimal screen time and that’s a shame. A new Alistair once again, but the rest of the principle cast returns, which is good news for fans. But this sequel feels rushed, which yields less than ideal dialogue and humor. The concept is good, with the guys being drained by space babes, but so little is done with the material. I think more Eebee, more Rabbit, and more Gramps could have worked wonders here. This is not terrible, but its a step back from the second movie, without question. But if you’re a fan of the series or just love stoner humor, give it a chance.

A quartet of body painted, topless girls are here. They have a decent amount of screen time, but don’t do much. The Poontang Tribe from King Bong didn’t do much either, but they seem pretty active by comparison. No blood, but there’s some green jizz in a couple scenes. The lack of blood makes sense, as the movie removes what little horror was left in this series and does the science fiction route. I love the red stuff, but the absence at least makes sense. I loved Rabbit and Gramps in Evil Bong 2, but both are wasted (not in the good way) in this one. Rabbit has minimal lines and Gramps isn’t given his usual sharp barbs to rattle off. Even Eebee is pretty stifled here, which was a huge mistake. We still have a few decent lines, but not nearly as many this time around. The narrative is silly, of course, but otherwise this is a pretty grounded stoner comedy. If it had gone further off the deep end, perhaps it would have packed a little more punch.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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