Plot: Alistair (David Weidoff) is happy to have a place to study and sleep, but his new roommates are a bit too wild for his tastes. After all, Alistair wants to expand his mind but unlike his roommates, he uses knowledge not weed. Larnell (John Patrick Jordan) plans to up the ante on getting high however, as he ordered a huge bong from a mysterious ad. As soon as the new bong arrives, it creeps some people out, since it looks like an old, dirty dick. But Bachman (Mitch Eakins) breaks it in and tokes out, which takes him to unexpected places. He finds himself inside the bong itself, which is a strip club with beautiful women and skull boobs. While he is inside the bong, his friends think he is dead, which of course cramps their style. But is the bong just a nice decorative piece or is there something evil and mystical involved?

Entertainment Value: Full Moon has released some wild movies and with Evil Bong, they launched wild franchise. Numerous sequels and crossovers would follow, but this is where Eebee’s tale began. How much you enjoy Evil Bong is likely tied to your tolerance of stoner/bro humor. At the core, this is a stoner comedy with some light horror traits, so you’ll need to appreciate the weed jokes. These reach a crescendo when Tommy Chong arrives toward the end, in a fun performance. He really embraces the concept and was a great addition. Other familiar faces in small roles include Tim Thomerson, Bill Moseley, and of course, Phil Fondacaro.  The main cast is passable, doing the bro/nerd routine as needed. The standout is Robin Sydney, who goes ape shit at one point and plays the nympho like I’ve never seen. That one scene alone is worth seeing Evil Bong, totally nuts and an awesome performance. If you’re a Full Moon devotee or just love stoner humor, check out Evil Bong.

The strip club inside the bong features a number of topless ladies. Sure the same girls are shown each return trip inside, but they’re hot so who cares. Plus who doesn’t want to see Tommy Chong play with Hot Wheels on a blonde’s massive jugs? Not much blood, just one scene that has some nice crimson spray. You also see some shark tits devour a hand and some other minor bits of bloodshed. The horror side of the movie is light, so the focus remains on the humor in most scenes. The dialogue has some bright spots even if you’re not into stoner humor. Robin Sydney’s manic nympho scene alone has a dozen great lines or more, at least it seemed like it. But then when a girl is pounding a pogo stick yelling about how horny she is, the words kind of fade in and out. If you love the stoner/bro humor though, you’ll love the dialogue in this one. A strip club inside a voodoo cursed bong? A raving nympho on a pogo stick? Evil Bong has some odd moments, but never fully commits to the madness. It leans more toward a goofy comedy than an off the rails horror flick.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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