Plot: Neandra (Leilani Fideler) is the leader of her tribe and if there’s one thing she hates, it is when another female talks to her man, Rex (Kato Kaelin). When she suspects that Dina (Miranda Robin) has been fooling around with Rex, Neandra ties her to a tree and tortures her. But then Dina reveals she is pregnant, which pushes Neandra into a murderous rage. She then kills Dina and along with the other tribe members, feasts on her entrails. The next day, the tribe returns to the tree to reclaim Dina’s corpse, only to find it has disappeared. A disfigured, hulking caveman has taken the dead body and fallen in love with it, as it turns out. From beyond the grave, Dina demands revenge and the caveman is happy to avenge his new love. Can Neandra protect her tribe and keep the others girls away from Rex, or will the mysterious caveman put an end to the tribe’s catty ways?

Entertainment Value: Troma has a proud tradition of giving young talent a boost, a trend that continues with Kansas Bowling’s B.C. Butcher. At the tender age of 17, Kansas knocked out this silly, Tromafied cavewoman epic. The story is thin, but it works and since the movie runs under an hour, it is never a hindrance. The tone is just what you’d expect from Troma, down to some of Lloyd Kaufman’s favorite tricks. Throw an object off screen? Make it hit a cat! Have a crowd scene? Dub in the most outlandish lines you can think of! The humor is broad and slapstick, especially when Kato Kaelin is on screen. His scenes are sure to make you cringe and that’s a good thing, since it adds to the entertainment. I liked the colorful cave girls and especially Leilani Fideler, who really seems to have embraced the spirit of the movie. The movie’s old timey sense of humor makes it easier to overlook the lack of blood and breasts, two of Troma’s staple ingredients, after all. B.C. Butcher is silly and fun, never dull and runs just long enough to get the most of the material. This might be a little too cutesy for some Troma fans, but I think it is worth a look.

No naked cave girls. There is some blood, but it is non graphic and no attempts at realism are made. I would have loved some Troma style over the top gore, but it would have clashed with the goofy, more mainstream approach. The hunting scene where the girls track a stuffed animal is a prime example of that. So just some silly violence like a cat fight set to Benny Hill style saxophone music. Or a girl falling down and a sound effect of bowling pins falling, that kind of stuff. I found the dialogue to be fun and in the usual Troma vein, so lots of puns, nonsense, and bad jokes. Kato has some outrageous moments, as he seems to be having a stroke at times. Maybe he was just drugged, but either way, he is hilarious here. More mainstream and light hearted than most of Troma’s output, B.C. Butcher never really rides the crazy train. It is silly and fun, but never feels that wild or out of control.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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