Plot: Susan (Debra Sweaney) wants to get a fresh start and live a quiet life, hopefully in a remote, rural location. Her real estate agent Cecil thinks he has found just the place, but the drive to the property is extensive. On the way, the car gets a flat tire and while Cecil fixes it, Susan surveys the countryside. She notices a group of strange looking folks ahead, which is odd, given the middle of nowhere locale. Once they see her as well, they begin to haul ass toward her location. Cecil tries to calm her down and even kick some ass, but the car ends up rolling down a hill. Cecil then runs for his life, leaving Susan to fend for herself. As she tries to find some safe haven, she sees Cecil’s plaid jacket and follows him. But instead of Cecil, she finds one of the crew that ran them down and he is none too friendly. Susan finds herself in a battle for her life against the entire group of toughs, who turn out to be part of a drug operation. Can Susan somehow survive this horrific encounter or is she in way over her head?

Entertainment Value: This is a wild one, the story about a woman driven to the brink and forced to fight for her life. The cast here is of course hilarious, with acting that is certain delight and entertain. The villains are so varied and colorful, from a bald headed mountain of muscle to a guy wearing mom jeans and a low cut top. This makes even mundane scenes more fun, since the cast is so over the top and outlandish. I think my favorite is the mostly deaf black guy, who asks people to repeat everything and is obsessed with cutting off Susan’s ear. The bad guys argue non stop and Susan is able to rabbits out of her ass (not literally sadly) one after another, resulting in a chase that has zero tension but tons of laughs. The production values are low, but we have a nice car roll and ample violence to soak in. This is just a movie you need to see, as it is off the rails and packed with entertaining moments.

No nakedness. There’s some blood, but not as much as there should be. Even so, we have some pretty fun to watch effects, even if they don’t gush crimson. Susan’s rampage has all kinds of madness, from numerous ax wounds to bolts in the eye sockets to an all out decapitation. We do see some blood, but given the violent nature of these kills, you’d expect a lot more to spurt out. Mongo’s unicorn spike provides some fun as well, with several other solid moments of violence sprinkled in. I can’t give this a high blood score, but rest assured, the kill scenes are still immense fun. And now the dialogue. This movie has countless memorable lines, all delivered in a stilted fashion that only serves to enhance them. Susan has the lion’s share of quotable lines, but the bad guys and even Cecil provide a lot of gems as well. Just hilariously terrible dialogue that keeps you entertained throughout. This one is pretty crazy, given the dialogue and Susan’s beyond insane transformation, so it earns some solid points. I think the lack of budget kept this one reined in somewhat, but its still wild stuff.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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