Plot: A dark future has greeted mankind, one in which what humans remain serve as slaves. The masters are twisted, strange creatures that seek the utter and complete extinction of mankind. While humans have been decimated and hope is bleak, there is one final chance for survival. The embryo of the universe holds the key to mankind’s last hope, one that the creatures exhaust every lead trying to snuff out. If the creatures can locate and destroy the embryo, then mankind is doomed and the final remnants will perish. But if the embryo can be used by humans and allowed to grow, perhaps the human race can persist through the mechanical enslavement. The embryo lies within the last freeborn human, so the creatures open every human they find and assign a scientist to probe inside to try to find the origin of everything. Is this the end for the human race or is that tiny spark of hope enough to keep it alive?

Entertainment Value: Mecanix is a dark, twisted vision of a horrific time and place, with mankind near its end. The movie runs just under seventy minutes and has minimal verbal exposition, but weaves a tight, well crafted narrative. Not the kind you’re likely used to, but one you need to pay attention to, soak in, and think about. That is a rarity even in genre films, so Mecanix is quite a unique experience. While the story is interesting and keeps you tuned in, I think what stands out most are the film’s visuals. A blend of live action performances and various forms of animation, Mecanix is a visual treat bathed in sepia toned darkness. The designs on the creatures and machines are impressive and the attention to detail is remarkable. Even if you don’t like the tone or subject matter, you have to admire the creativity and craftsmanship involved. Mecanix is like a movie that fell off a UFO, a one of a kind experience that simply has to be seen.

No nakedness. There is some blood, like entrails pulled out during a vivisection, but its not that common in this one. The visual design would likely overpower it anyway, since your eyes are scouring the frame to soak in all the details. There isn’t much dialogue at all, but what is here is well written and crucial to the film’s narrative. Mecanix isn’t insane in an over the top, what the fuck is happening kind of way, but it is totally disturbing and sure to cause some bad dreams for some viewers. The world of the film is dark, dank, and oppressive, making us feel like we’re among the last humans ourselves. The strange creatures, creepy touches like the wired mouth of one beast, the stylish and twisted animation, and more all ensure Mecanix earns a high score on the insanity meter. A very cool blend of artistry and insanity.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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