Plot: In a hellish near future, mankind is kept in line by strict social guidelines and those found on the wrong side of the rules are dealt with harshly. Those who dare act out or do things deemed socially immoral are rounded up and sent to various behavior modification camps. A new batch of deviants has just arrived at a camp run by Thatcher (Michael Craig), who is quite a sadistic, calculating type. One of the new arrivals is Paul Anders (Steve Railsback), who ran a rebellious radio program, but the other two are women with much lesser offenses. The cruelty in the camp is apparent from minute one, as prisoners are harassed, beaten, and abused in countless ways. Thatcher even organizes a special hunt for the wealthy elite of society, with prisoners from the camp as the hunted. Now Paul and the women who arrived with him find themselves on the run, with maniacal guards and eccentric hunters hot on the trail. Can anyone survive this sadistic human hunting trip, let alone strike a blow against the totalitarian encampment?

Entertainment Value: Whether you think this movie is god awful or brilliant, one thing is certain, Turkey Shoot is one wild ride. Despite a series of well documented financial and production woes, the movie turns out to be quite a unique slice of ozsploitation. The story is basic, as some normal people try not to be crushed by a controlling regime, but the real drive here is the turkey shoot itself. The lead up is fine and still entertains, but once the hunt is on, Turkey Shoot begins to shine. Beyond the hunting humans angle, we have a ice cold bitch with a crossbow, a wolfman circus freak eating toes, infamous gore, and so much more. The cast is fine, but I think Olivia Hussey stands out as the terrified new prisoner who has no idea how to cope in the camp. I love how sadistic two of the guards are in this movie too, including badass Roger Ward kicking the shit out of a small woman. I think Turkey Shoot is a wild, fun movie and that’s impressive given the difficulties encountered by the cast & crew involved. If you like off the rails action movies or ozsploitation in general, you should give it a chance.

Almost all the nudity is in one scene, but the shower scene offers numerous breasts, bare asses, and glorious bush, not to mention some dangling dong. A couple of other scenes offer bare breasts and asses as well. The movie delivers on violence as well, in ample doses. Besides the general roughing up prisoners, there’s some nice gore on showcase. An eye gets gouged out, a booby trap impales someone, a guy gets cut in half, and assorted gun shots and cool looking arrow wounds abound. And as I mentioned before, a wolfman tears off a guy’s toe and eats it, how awesome is that? As Billy Mays would tell us, but wait, there’s more! A bullet to the dick, people are burned alive, a dude is run over by a weird vehicle, both hands lopped off at the same time, head bursting into flames, machete hair parting, whew. What a generous fucking movie. But then we get a beautiful destruction by gunfire that is simply a sight you need to see for yourself. The movie has some nice exchanges, but not much in terms of quotable or overly memorable dialogue. If you can’t tell by now, Turkey Shoot is quite insane and more than earns its reputation as a sadistic shocker. I don’t know what else to add aside from what I’ve already said, so just pick up Turkey Shoot and witness it for yourself.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 8/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 8/10

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