Plot: A massive breakthrough in behavior studies has arrived thanks to Professor Edward Brake, who has invented a machine known as Apache. This cutting edge piece of tech can produce a small, metallic sphere that can alter the mood and behavior of animals that it comes into contact with. The spheres can lessen aggression, remove inhibitions, and promote a calmer, more relaxed state. One of the other researchers pushes for human trials, despite Apache still being very new tech. Some hot chicks are brought around for the weekend, during which they’ll be experimented upon to see if Apache will indeed work on humans. Meanwhile, Edward’s daughter Jessica enjoys rollerskating and talking to the small puppet George, who is a master of Apache’s programs. Will Apache prove to be capable of helping mankind or will this weekend just be one massive fuckfest with no scientific value?

Entertainment Value: Just as a note, I watched the uncut version of the film from Vinegar Syndrome, not the common chopped version from Troma. I tried to provide a synopsis for the narrative, but in truth Nightmare Weekend is not that simple to summarize. The movie does have a story in place, but it is pushed aside when needed and at other times, random and never again explored subplots creep in. In other words, this is madness and the kind of confusing, over the top chaos we love here. Directed by a French pornographer in Florida, Nightmare Weekend runs through all the elements fans of cult movies love from naked girls to bloodshed to odd performances and beyond. I mean, a shabby puppet named George is a computer genius in this, telling poor Jessica she should meet new men to date by hitchhiking. This is the kind of movie you simply have to see to believe it exists. Nightmare Weekend is nonsense, but it is wildly fun nonsense that never fails to entertain.

A good amount of nakedness here, with a wealth of sex scenes and random breasts. The sex scenes are frequent and tend to run longer than they should, but hey, naked girls are naked girls. The women also pop their tops here and there, especially Jessica who just seems to hate having her jugs covered up. A highlight is a scene where a dude fucks a girl on a pinball table, while also still trying to get the high score. There is also some full frontal in some scenes, so prepare for that 80s bush. In terms of blood, Nightmare Weekend has some creative, offbeat deaths as you’d expect. A toothbrush, a pair of panties, and dry humping are all weapons used to kill here. The finale also features a big bump in bloodshed, with some nice makeup work and cool gore effects. A lot of memorable dialogue here, as the writing is off the wall and the dubbed voice work is outlandish. On the crazy scale, Nightmare Weekend is rarely even half sane and refuses to make any sense whatsoever. A mystifying story, outrageous performances, a wise puppet, constant sex, the character of Jessica, and baffling dialogue all ensure this movie earns a high insanity score.

Nudity: 6/10

Blood: 6/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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