Plot: Flowers isn’t a movie that presents a traditional narrative. The movie follows several women who are compelled to move through a labyrinth of blood, viscera, and suffering, all surrounded in dank, unnerving rooms and crawlspaces. It soon becomes evident that each woman has been murdered by the same man, as their journeys revisit certain moments in their final hours. Each faces their own settings and challenges, enduring all manner of strange, dark tribulations. The rest just has to be experienced, as the movie is more about the experience than a simple narrative exercise.

Entertainment Value: I had Flowers on my “to watch” list for far too long before I finally checked it out. All I really had heard was that the movie was about murder victims and that there was no dialogue or standard narrative. The end result is a film that is dark, dank and unforgettable. Some movies work more as experiences than stories and that’s where Flowers resides, a trek through a twisted gallery of images and moments that most won’t want to take. This is not the kind of stuff to show your friends who think Blair Witch is scary, in other words. As there’s no dialogue, the actresses were limited in their tools but man, these are some great performances. Eerie and never over the top, these women skillfully navigate this hellish road and drag us along for the ride. Flowers is not for everyone, but for fans of dark, stylish horror that can appreciate a more deliberate, artistic approach, it is highly recommended.

A few of the girls are shown topless, but the most memorable nudity is likely the killer smearing viscera all over his coin purse. On the gore side, very few scenes aren’t coated in blood and other bodily fluids. The level of detail in set design is insane, as the locations look well used and that’s rare. This isn’t just some bloody hand prints smeared on the wall, this is total immersion into this sick world. The highlight of the gore has to be the aftermath of a bleak feast, which finds a woman purging her system in quite the unusual way. But you’ll see all kinds of blood, guts, viscera, and other twisted visuals here, from start to finish. No dialogue whatsoever, so no memorable lines. On the crazy scale, the ambition to craft a non verbal ride through a serial killer’s wake is quite out there just by itself. But the amount of jarring visuals and the overall atmosphere that almost suffocates you elevates even that wild concept. I think Flowers deserves the full score, as it is a sick ride that sticks with you long after the credits roll.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 10/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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