Plot: In a village that values art and is home to numerous skilled artists, one man seems to stand out from the crowd. Antonio Sordi (William Campbell) has his studio in a dark, creepy tower and his work echoes its location. He paints vivid creations of beautiful woman, but these lovely ladies happen to be dead. As part of his craft, Sordi solicits the women, brings them to his studio, paints them, then kills them for real. He has been able to operate in silence, but rumors and folklore have some locals suspicious. After all, there are tales of a man who killed women and was killed, only to return as a vampire before being put down once again. That man’s name was also Sordi and he also lived in the same tower where the studio is. But can anyone end Sordi’s artistic, but deadly rampage or will he simply run out of models first?

Entertainment Value: This movie has several versions and several names, each with their own vision of the production. This review covers the 62 minute Blood Bath movie, but it is also known as Track of the Vampire, Portrait in Terror, and Operation Titian. I might cover those alternate versions in separate reviews at some point, but this one only covers the Blood Bath incarnation.

I love the artistic elements in Blood Bath, especially the hipsters huddled up discussing technique and theory in art. The over the top attempts to break through mundane work are hilarious, from shooting a paintball at a canvas to dumping ketchup on it. You can also see genre icon Sid Haig as one of the hipsters, which adds to the fun. The film’s gothic visual design is effective as well, especially within the confines of Sordi’s twisted art studio. But just about every scene has some great composition and presence, so Blood Bath packs some potent visuals. The story is ok, but forgettable, leaving us with the visuals and the cast to elevate the script. The cast is middle of the road however, so its a good thing the visuals are so solid. Blood Bath is short enough that it never wears thin and between the visuals and the scenes with the artists, it works. If you’re into black & white gothic style horror, Blood Bath is worth a spin.

No nudity in this one, just some cleavage and bikinis. The blood content is low as well, limited to the infrequent killings by Sordi. These scenes are by no means graphic, just showing the aftermath of his handiwork. One scene does have blood pouring from under the recent victim and the visual from that was quite cool. So not a literal blood bath, but there is some red stuff here and there. Some good lines come from the pretentious hipsters, but nothing really memorable. On the crazy scale, Blood Bath isn’t that wild, but it does have some surreal touches and a lot of stylish visuals, as well as eerie atmosphere. There’s also a character who looks like a combination of Hitler and Dangle from Reno 911, which is pretty out there.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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