Plot: A furniture store might not seem like the place to have a wild time, but a group of teens plans to do just that. The father of one of the teens owns the store, so the troupe have the run of the place for a night. That means sex, alcohol, and all kinds of mischief, as long as they don’t trash the joint, of course. One guy got a new haircut that looks like a hedgehog, but he is still optimistic about getting laid. The teens aren’t alone in the store though, as the overnight security guard is also around. But he is an ex con with a creepy presence, so he might dampen the good times. As the night moves on, the teens party it up and even engage in some old fashioned hide and seek. But they are killed off one by one, by an unknown stalker inside the store. Who is killing these radical teens and will anyone survive the night?

Entertainment Value: A late entry in the 80s slasher arena, Hide and Go Shriek is solid fun, but mostly a middle of the road experience. The story is one we’ve seen time and again, but there are some fresh elements here and there. I was glad to see this wasn’t a And Then There Were None style slasher, for example. That lessens the body count of course, but at least the film breaks the formula a little. I also like the killer in this one, who provides some memorable moments and fashion choices. Hide and Go Shriek might not be that original, but it gets the slasher formula right most of the time and covers the basics. I mean, the slasher genre isn’t one often known for originality anyway, so you can’t hold that against this movie. The 80s are sprayed all over this one too, which really helps if you’re nostalgic for these kind of pictures. I wish it was bloodier and more out of control, but Hide and Go Shriek is still a lot of fun.

A few girls get topless in this one, so a nice assortment of breasts. None of the nudity is graphic or lingering, but its always nice to have some jugs out. There are also numerous panty shots for those who love to leave a little something to the imagination. On the blood side, not as much as you’d expect from an 80s slasher. A highlight is the elevator head chop, which is quite fun. But otherwise, the violence is non graphic and there’s not a whole lot of bloodshed. You still get a few nice death scenes, but given the era and genre, I think the volume is a little low. Aside from some fun 80s teen style dialogue, not much in terms of memorable lines. The film mostly colors inside the lines, but the wacky killer, gay domestic drama, and fun ending earn it some crazy points.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10