Plot: Mei (Meiko Kaji) leads an all female gang, with her fierce rival Toshie (Mari Koiso) heading up her own troupe of delinquent girls. The two have a deep history, but soon face off in an epic brawl with numerous knives involved. Toshie decides to turn the advantage to her side when she calls in a group of male bikers to lend her a hand. Mei is disgusted to see her rival stoop to asking men for favors. In the midst of the mayhem, the mysterious Ako (Akiko Wada) arrives and evens out the odds. Soon Mei is also dealing with her boyfriend Michio (Koji Wada), who has plans to rise to a more powerful gang, despite the risks involved. Michio has a plan, but it backfires and now he has been taken prisoner. That means Ako and Mei have to launch a rescue mission, but can even this gang of badass girls save him and even if so, will they survive the aftermath?

Entertainment Value: There’s a lot to like in Delinquent Girl Boss, with girl gangs, bikers, trippy music, and of course, colorful and memorable visuals. I think the film’s visual design is what stands out the most to me, from the artful overlays that appear at times to the period clothes. I think the movie just kind of exudes a coolness that isn’t common, with that cool factor carrying over to the cast as well. Meiko Kaji is an iconic figure in cinema and in Delinquent Girl Boss we see one of her earlier lead roles. She has great presence here and so does Akiki Wada, who also shines here. The story is passable, but for me the movie is more about the cast and the atmosphere. There’s a ton of music as well, from live performances to characters who break out in song. I have great appreciation for Delinquent Girl Boss for its tremendous style alone.

One naked ass and that’s all the nudity here. There is some light bloodshed, but its non graphic in all cases. We see girl’s face get slashed, a shotgun blast through wooden furniture, and a knife to the gut, among lesser violence. But as I said, we just see the red stuff smeared around and that’s it. There is a cool scene where a girl takes a blowtorch to another girl’s boobs, however. I would rank some of the musical moments as more memorable than the dialogue, so not many quotable lines here. The movie never goes too far into insanity either, more than happy to be a fairly straight drama with some stylish visual design and a good cast.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10