Plot: The Toxic Avenger has turned Tromaville into a serene utopia, free from crime and politicians. Now Toxie spends his time at the Tromaville School for the Blind, where he cleans toilets and spends time with his girlfriend, Claire (Phoebe Legere). Not everyone is pleased with Tromaville’s peaceful existence however, such as the corporate forces at Apocalypse Inc. The businessmen seek to conquer New York City and to get there, they’ll need to take over Tromaville first. In order to do that, Toxie has to be dealt with and of course, there’s an evil plan for that. Toxie is lured to Japan, so he can find his father and learn about his genetic dispositions. While Toxie is overseas, Tromaville is quickly overrun by Apocalypse Inc. and turned into a corporate hellhole. Is Tromaville doomed or will Toxie return to save the day once again?

Entertainment Value: After the success of The Toxic Avenger, a sequel was inevitable but I doubt many expected Toxie to head to Japan. The end result is a fish out of water tale Troma style, as Toxie experiences various Japanese cultural elements. The story is overly complicated and leads to some rather dull moments from time to time. A lot more screen time is spent on exposition and humor, which means less time devoted to Troma’s signature madness. But at the same time, when the chaos does kick in, it is epic and more than compensates for the film’s slower stretches. I wouldn’t rank this toward the top of the franchise, but its also not the weakest in the series. Regardless of that, there’s still a lot of Troma goodness, with colorful characters, wild set pieces, and of course, blood and breasts. This might not be one of the best Troma has to offer, but its still quite fun.

Quite a few girls get naked in this one, with a highlight being a romp through a bath house that is packed with nude folks. That means numerous breasts and butts from the ladies and of course, the naked asses of old men. All is fair in cinematic nudity, right? On the blood side, Troma layered on the goop and then some. The first battle sequence alone has a wealth of creative, blood soaked deaths. The infamous wheelchair squeeze is a classic, but don’t discount when Toxie turns a midget into a human basketball. The effects look good and a personal favorite is when a sex crazed chef chops a man’s leg into mush with a manic look in his eyes. Lots of gore in that Troma over the top style, so gore hounds should be pleased. The dialogue here is typical Troma, so there’s a good amount of quotable lines throughout. The dub work for the Japanese actors is horrendous and leads to hilarity, especially the voice used for Masami. While not quite as insane as the original, this is still a wild movie and one that Troma devotees should have fun with.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 8/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

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