Plot: Barbara (Kay Parker) doesn’t like to have sex with the lights on, which has troubled her husband for years. One night she insists that lights be off, he has had enough and once he climaxes, he starts packing a suitcase. He is tired of her frigid ways and is leaving her for good, as his young secretary is ready & willing. She doesn’t try to stop him, but she does worry that her son Paul (Mike Ranger) might go with his father. He stays with his mother however, so Barbara is relieved. Paul really gets an eyeful one night as he spies on his mother in the shower, as she prepares for a date. While he relieves his tension with his girlfriend, Barbara winds up on a date that takes her to a swingers party. She doesn’t take part, but what she sees does open the floodgates of desire and she can feel her inhibitions drift off. But when her desires start to prompt her to do some…less than socially acceptable things, what will Barbara do?

Entertainment Value: If there was a Mount Rushmore for porn movies, Taboo would certainly be part of it. The incest angle seems like a risky choice, but not only Taboo a smash success, it also spawned several popular sequels. Now it is awkward at times, especially the talk between mother and son about how wrong their sexual congress was, but cringe worthy dialogue is a plus around here. Taboo does make an effort to tell Barbara’s story and it all works, the film is never dull even when the sex is on hold. Kay Parker is great here in one of porn’s iconic roles and is able to bring her character to life well. She is given more depth to work with than most adult film characters and she does well, delivering her anger over orgies and confusion over incest with great skill. The rest of the cast is fine, with standouts being Juliet Anderson as the oversexed best friend and Chris Benoit look-a-like Mike Ranger as the son.

I have to give Taboo the full score on nudity, given that it is an adult film with copious amounts of hardcore sexual content. A good variety of sexual happenings is on showcase, with one on one, threesomes, a wild orgy, and yes, incest all on screen. The orgy scene is pretty outlandish and gonzo, with a large group of folks doing all manner of things. There’s an oral centipede circle with like twenty people that stands out as a highlight, but that sequence is loaded with sexual hijinks. And wow, what a bunch of wild looking people they brought in for it, quite a spectacle indeed. No blood or violence, besides some rather “pushy” men. The dialogue is played straight and that is music to our ears, as some real cringe stuff is performed. Parker has a nice collection of memorable lines especially, so some nice quotes in this one. I mean, sex between family members and a wacky orgy are pretty nuts, even for porn. So not a total off the rails experience, but Taboo pushes the boundaries for sure.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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