Plot: Priscilla (Lyn Malone) is always driving the men around her crazy, as she looks innocent, but loves to flirt and tease. Of course, her protective mother (Molly Seagrim) refuses to admit her daughter is so vivacious. One day when Priscilla and a friend venture down the docks, they catch the eye of a dock worker named Dan (Dan Roberts). Dan offers his hand (and more) when he sees Priscilla has hurt her knee. While Dan probes Priscilla to help her feel better, her friend runs off and tells her mother. So soon Priscilla’s mom shows up and not alone, as a police officer is at her side. The cop chases off Dan, firing a shot in his direction and scaring him into the water. He is presumed dead, but Dan just drifts off and is soon surrounded by two beautiful women. A quick bath and threesome later, Dan learns he can hide out at The Training Ground. This is a female run brothel that offers male escorts to wealthy women. Can Dan find his paradise balls deep in endless women, or will his past cost him his cock?

Entertainment Value: Now this is porn. Not fake interviews or fish eye lens cameras, but an actual sex movie. Babyface is packed with sex scenes of all kinds, but still takes the time to tell a story and make sure we know a little about the people we see naked. The busy mom who yearns for a young love, the race car driver who wants to dish out abuse and take it, and of course, the woman who even a conga line of penises couldn’t satisfy. The story of Dan’s jailbait encounter might fuel the mother’s vengeance main plot line, but there are side stories galore as well. The sex scenes are fun of course, but so are the segments in between. I know most people don’t have the attention span for feature length porn these days, but Babyface is one that will keep you entertained throughout.

This is an adult film, so of course there is endless nudity. You’ll see numerous women and men engage in all manner of sexual feats, in fact. Standard sex, anal, threesomes, gang bang action, girl on girl, interracial sex, rubbing a nipple all over a clit, rough stuff, and yes, even wrapping a man in saran wrap and trying to cut his dick off. All of that is in Babyface and more, all presented with huge bushes and hairy ball sacks. This was the 70s, after all. There is some very light blood from a couple scenes, but this is a sex movie, not a horror movie. Although seeing a cop punch the front of a building off is pretty badass and I wanted to mention that somewhere. There is a lot of hilarious dialogue here, especially in the finale, where the starlet can’t help but remark “need more cock!” as if she was ordering from a five star restaurant. And yes, someone does pick up a telephone and literally order more cock for her. This is pretty wild as far as porn goes, but can’t quite rank up there with the insanity of cult cinema’s heavy hitters. Even so, Babyface is a lot of fun and deserves its reputation as a genre classic.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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