Plot: Ann (Anjanette Comer) is a dedicated social worker, a woman who does her best to ensure the safety of children. She has heard a lot about a unique case in the area, but until now, had never looked into the situation. While several other case workers had tried to help the Wadsworth family, none had been able to do much of anything. The child is this case is no ordinary kid, instead a full grown man who lives like an infant. Under the strict care of his mother (Ruth Roman), this “baby” sleeps in a crib, takes a bottle, and is unable to walk or even stand. Ann is fascinated by the case and is determined to help Baby gain independence. But Mrs. Wadsworth and her two strange daughters oppose her at every turn, even filing a complaint against the social worker. Ann is certain she knows what is best for Baby, but will she end up in over her head?

Entertainment Value: This one takes the phrase “slow burn” to heart, moving at a glacial pace throughout. Despite being marketed as a horror movie, The Baby is just a straight drama with some light psychological twists. The movie starts off well, introducing us to this dysfunctional family, but quickly puts the brakes on and stays in neutral for nearly the entire duration. The characters are interesting and the case is quite good, but they’re not given much to do here. Marianna Hill looks insane and hot as hell, but is wasted for the most part. I will say that things pick up right at the finale, but by then it is too little, too late for The Baby. I wanted this to be a sick, mind fuck of a movie and sadly, it simply gets lazy and relies on the ending to deliver the shocks.

No nudity in this one, though some “almost” nudity happens. Marianna Hill looks so good in this, as I said above, but she keeps her clothes on. No real blood either, aside from a few non graphic moments of violence. There is some bloodless violence as well, a highlight of which is Mrs. Wadsworth giving a babysitter quite a beat down. There are some great lines in The Baby, delivered in grand fashion by the skilled cast. Mrs. Wadsworth is a terrific bitch here and runs off some wicked barbs. As far as insanity, The Baby is a crazy one, but fails to do much with that twisted potential. It is a well made, well performed movie, but just fails to make things interesting, at least in my opinion. I don’t even need blood or breasts, but put these memorable characters to work and give us some memorable scenes in the rather dull middle of the picture. This would have been an awesome Twilight Zone episode, but feels stretched thin as a full length feature.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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