Plot: Powerful drug kingpin Greg Rainmaker (Craig Gavin) will do whatever it takes to keep his business at the top of the narcotics chain. When he kidnaps a professor who was working on a drug detection device, law enforcement has no choice but to dispatch Peter Goldson (Peter O’Brian), also known as The Stabilizer. As his name suggests, he enters chaotic situations and returns things to normal. Rainmaker is aware of Goldson’s presence however and soon, he murders The Stabilizer’s woman, stomping her to death with spiked shoes. Now things have become personal for The Stabilizer, who teams up with several others looking to settle the score with Rainmaker, including the kidnapped professor’s daughter. The road to Rainmaker is paved with fist fights, gun battles, and dangerous chases, but none of that will deter The Stabilizer. Can he track down Rainmaker and take him out, or has The Stabilizer finally bit off more than he can chew?

Entertainment Value: This is 80s action heaven, with Peter O’Brian’s curl coated mullet as the main attraction. O’Brian is endlessly hilarious here, between his wild hair, masterful fisticuffs, and general badassery. Not to be outdone, the villain played by Craig Gavin doesn’t lose a step to the hero. His facial expressions and ideal 80s bad guy look ensure his screen time is always welcome. The writing is as goofy as you’d expect and gives the cast ample opportunity to entertain us. The focus is on the action throughout, with a string of chases and battles that rarely slows down. The Stabilizer might not have had a big budget, but they packed in as many explosions, wrecks, and gunfights as possible. It might be a lot of things, but this movie is not boring even for a second. Even high fives are epic in this one, not to mention the cool action poses we see sometimes.

There is a little nudity in The Stabilizer, but not much. The blood is in higher doses than the breasts, thanks to consistent shoot outs. The squib work is non graphic though, so don’t expect gushing bombs of gore from this one. There’s plenty of other violence as well, with a lot of martial arts showdowns and of course, the previously mentioned spiked shoes coming out a couple times. Overall though, the action moves quickly so the blood is just a passing element to let you know who got hit. The dialogue here is off the wall and the performances milk every last drop of fun from the lines. O’Brian and Gavin stand out, but the main cast is all on point in this one with wacky efforts. The Stabilizer is crazier than your typical action movie, but never really drives through to a high level of lunacy. I do think there are a lot of insane moments however and as I said before, the movie never fails to entertain.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10