Plot: Dolemite (Rudy Ray Moore) has been released from prison, but his work is just getting started. While he was locked up, Willie Green (D’Urville Martin) has taken over his turf and the area is in rapid decline. But Dolemite still has his trusted Queen Bee and his group of martial arts expert exotic dancers, so he isn’t alone. He is soon harassed by a couple of crooked cops who trail his every move and always try to frame him up, so they can put him back behind bars. As he slowly regains control over his old turf, Dolemite pays off his debt to Willie Green and takes over the club The Total Experience. This sparks a chain of events that puts Dolemite at odds against not just Green, but the corrupt cops and even the sex crazed mayor. Dolemite’s game might be fuckin’ mother fuckers up, but can even he overcome these steep odds?

Entertainment Value: There are countless blaxsploitation movies out there, but to me, Dolemite reigns as the genre kingpin. This movie has all you could want from the genre and more, with zero downtime and never ending entertainment. Rudy Ray Moore shines in his trademark role, kicking ass, throwing rhymes, and giving the ladies a fuckin’ they’ll never forget. He carries the movie and never flinches, but the supporting cast is a lot of fun as well, from the crooked cops to the wacky preacher to everyone’s favorite drug addict, good ole Creeper. The production values are what they are, adding charm and general madness to the experience. There’s just something about Dolemite that makes it more fun and wilder than even other gonzo blaxploitation pictures. This is a movie that will always be part of the cult cinema lexicon and a must see for fans of unique movies.

Dolemite offers some nudity, but not as much as you might expect. A few girls get naked and of course, the chubby mayor shows off his naked body. Thankfully, a stragetic towel protects his wang from view. Otherwise, you’ll see some breasts, but no graphic sex scenes or gratuitous nudity here. There’s a little blood, but not much. A couple of the gun fights yield some light wounds, with a smidgen of the red stuff. There’s plenty of violence though, with awkward fist fights and gun battles. After all, we all do want to see a honky dance, right? Dialogue? Just score this one ten. The movie is one amazing line after another, so tons of memorable and quotable lines. I don’t know if Dolemite is insane in the ways the manic movies I usually score highly are, but it is off the wall throughout and never fails to entertain. Even in a crowded genre like blaxsploitation, Dolemite stands as a one of a kind.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 10/10

Overall Insanity: 6/10

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