Plot: Max (Maximilian Grabinger) is a young vampire ascending the ladder of life, a bright young man with an even brighter future. He has even been accepted to three colleges in the United States, including Harvard and Yale. But his father tells him to ditch those fancy schools and attend classes in Las Vegas, as the city never sleeps and is packed with beautiful women. His mother is concerned at first, as she is convinced any woman over fourteen is a total whore and is likely infected with AIDS, but Max decides Las Vegas is his collegiate home. Once there, he gets good grades, befriends a creepy mortician, and meets a beautiful girl, but his parents are disappointed. His father wants him to bite as many women as possible, while his mother still worries about all the AIDS infected whores that roam the streets. Can Max ever find happiness and will his parents ever let him make his own decisions, AIDS infected or otherwise?

Entertainment Value: This shot on video curio from Nick Millard only runs just over an hour, but packs in a lot of entertainment. The pace is brisk and the movie flies by, which is a shame, as it is so much fun. As you know, I love mean spirited and dysfunctional type characters, so I loved Max’s mother. She rants constantly about how women are all whores and have AIDS, then encourages Max to only pursue girls under 14, to ensure some level of purity. This kind of epic slut shaming happens pretty much whenever she is on screen, just wild and hilarious stuff. The performances are all pretty bad, but that is good in these kind of cases. Max’s dad looks like a vampire Chris Berman and Christine is one of the most wooden, lifeless actresses you’ll ever witness. Then we have Max, who makes up for his poor thespian skills with enthusiasm, I just loved this case and was entertained throughout. The performances combine with the outlandish dialogue to create a perfect storm that is wildly fun to watch. Of course, not everyone appreciates this kind of non-actor performance style, so there’s that. You need a certain sense of humor and passion for micro-budget cinema, but if you have those, you should have a lot of fun here. Anyone with an interest in offbeat vampire movies or shot on video horror should check out Dracula in Vegas.

No nakedness. The vampire bites tend to send the victims into an orgasmic state, but we never get those sharp toothed sex scenes. There is a brief scene that shows some grape squeezing as two women fondle the crotch of a dude on a porno shoot, but again, no nudity is displayed. As you’d expect from a vampire movie, there is blood involved, but not much. The red stuff oozes whenever a vampire sinks in the teeth, but its minimal and never graphic. The lack of violence isn’t an issue though, as the movie isn’t focused in on the killing aspect of vampirism, but the lifestyle of Max and the trials he faces in his unusual situation. The dialogue is pretty much wall to wall outrageous lines, delivered in wooden performances or stilted accents. This is solid gold stuff, so many quotable lines and wild exchanges. The anti-slut campaign waged by Max’s mother is beyond epic and the highlight for sure, but so much wackiness abounds here. Even casual, run of the mill lines come off as outlandish here, such as anything that Christine says whatsoever. I know I appreciate off the rails, wooden dialogue more than most, but I was constantly entertained by the lines in this one. In terms of craziness, we have the odd performances, god tier slut shaming, Max’s emo Jiminy Cricket, and an overall vibe of weirdness that never eases up. Given that the craziness is dependent on just the writing and acting involved, this is quite impressive.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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